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Watch Me Build A Profitable Niche Site From Scratch...I'll be sharing everything!

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I'm getting ready to launch a case study where I'll be building a new niche site from scratch. 


I'll be sharing all the strategies I use to build and grow the site over time.


I just wanted to make this post to get your input on how you'd like to see a niche case study like this proceed.


I'm even open to suggestions on the niche to target.


The main point is to test out some of the popular strategies for social media, and seo to see if we can build a site naturally.


Let me know if this is something that you'd be interested in following.



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Always enjoy following people along on their journeys.  I would just be very careful on what you share.  You don't want to create undue competition or have people try to hurt the site(s).

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    • By pointSEOshot
      I work in SEO company as entry level SEO and working with a client of physical goods company.
      I was asked by my manager to make Wikipedia page dedicated to that physical goods company.
      My question is how reasonable such a request is for someone who is an entry SEO?
      Is it something that is a project in itself and must be handled by senior SEO? 
      Also, since Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and heavily moderated website I am not sure of how
      long the page will stay there after being successfully created. Is such a request legit in itself?
    • By _Richard
      A great write up on creating case studies over on the co schedule blog. A good case study can drive your SEO and traffic and if you are not using them you probably should be. 

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    • By John_Vianny
      It's easy and complex at the same time.
      I started with wieight loss niche in my native language. Started with a Seo course and Lead Generation with a simple opt in page after.
      The traffic arrived slowly but it converted.
      After it was the turn of Fb Ads, just launched by FB. (yes i did not do adwords cause i wanted to learn seo and focus on it before).
      It was the time when fb ads were not so regulated so the ads about weight loss, expecially in a foreign language, are all allowed. 
      So i implemented after a while also fb ads.
      I gained my 10 first customers IN A ROW (i sold 10 customer a lot before but i consider the ones with ads the first ones cause of rapidity), in a couple of days.
      Then i realized that Email Marketing and Lead Generation is the best type of business and focus on it. Learning copywriting etc. and today constantly improving.
      I shifted from trafficwave to getresponse to activecampaign and now im considering Sendlane.
      I've sold items before in 2003-2010, through ebay, brutal sell in clickbank, affiliation, but i dont consider these people as MY CUSTOMERS, cause they become the company's customers, i did not retrieve their mail so i did not have any relationship with them.
      So now my entire business focus on Email Marketing. 
      All the other depends on it, and i think focusin is one of the key to better do things.
      And you? how did you start?
    • By _Richard
      A very interesting test result over at thinkgrowth.org. They found out they get better results giving out cupcakes than iPads. 
      It is a quick read and more than a little counter intuitive. 

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    • By _Richard
      An excellent test and write up over on BlogSpot about using influencer marketing. Well worth the read if it is something you are doing or thinking about doing. 

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