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Siraj Wahid

Superb Marketing with the Help of Infographics (Must Read)

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Ummm! Have you ever heard of marketing through infographics? I'm not talking about marketing your content, i'm talking about marketing of yourself and your blog. I know it's too difficult for a blog owner to market his blog in it's early stages and it's kinda difficult to get attention of millions on the web. Infographics are yet another way to spread your voice over the web. Believe me! you are not attracting the mob of people which you deserve to be, you are limiting yourself by utilizing your normal marketing skills. I've been working on my blog to discover new marketing tactics and i think i'm hell successful in doing it.


I don't want to be a marketing expert i want to be somebody who teaches marketing, recently after doing some tests i found that infographics have fabulous potential to make you a valuable author and your blog a fantastic blog.


Infographics, buy why?


Well, if something has the potential to boost your blog's reputation then why would you neglect it? My method is simple but it's worth following, try it and you'd understand it's importance.


After reading a blog by Brian Dean regarding marketing i found a tip which was worth sharing but little bit limited as there are further benefits which we can add to our pot if we utilize the tip in the right manner.


Get an Infographic Ready!


As mentioned in my recent article 

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 the first thing you'll need is an outstanding infographic, an infographic which could attract a lot of people. You don't only have to make the infographic outstanding you need to make the title attractive too. As you'll approach people with the title and it would be better if you'll approach them with an attractive title.


Why To Approach People?


Method #1:


You'll have to offer mentions to people in your infographic in the form of partner offers. They'll share your infographic with their audience by giving a link to the original infographic article and you'll mention them in the infographic's credits section.


Method #2:


You'll have to offer people guest posts along with the infographic, it would help both the blogger and you to attract more audience. Most of the bloggers love to feature other bloggers by presenting them as guest posters.



A ton of backlinks will point to your blog in a short time period which means you'll notice improve in your search engine rankings and referral traffic as well.

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I have read Brian Dean's tip about this infographics and Back linking tactic, think it is called Guestographics (If I am not wrong). Nice to see a little twist and hope it will help too.

Already started using that method and got some backlinks by submitting the infographics.


My Points:


Whom to Approach?


Blogs which already discuss about the topics involved in your website. It will be easy to approach them as they are already having good knowledge about it.


Good Share.




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Neil Patel from Quicksprout uses a lot of infographics for his other website to generate traffic and it is doing very well for him.


Also definitely a good idea to share on reddit and slideshare for some traffic generation methods.

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One more point to add here:


For one of my sites, I have created an infographics researching the topics discussed on some high authority blogs in the net. It is always good to have a source column to name the blogs where you got the details from. With this i have added two more sites which are Mid level authority blogs in my niche. But both of them are growing sites having thousands of unique visitors all the day.


After completion, I have approached the blog owners of both the sites and asked to share my infographics along with a descriptive content with a back-link to my site. Both of them agreed to publish, one blogger gave me a Do-follow link and the other a No-follow one.


My site is gaining traffic from these sites along with a strong back-link. 


So you can also add authority blogs to your infographics and approach them to publish it in their blog. It will definitely earn visitors to your website. 


Note: Infographics should be of top-quality and well researched one.

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With an infographic, it's easy to convey a large amount of really boring information in an attractive and fun format that holds attention easily.  And, for this reason, people love sharing infographics on Facebook and pinning on Pinterest.  You are likely to have one of your infographics go viral for this reason.

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