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Got rejected by amazon associates? This is how you can fix it.

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Hey guys, I am here to share with you a problem I had when I tried joining amazon affiliate program, and how I overcame it, hopfuly It will help you if you had it and never tried to fix it, or will try amazon associates in the future and know what to avoide off




I built a site, a large one that had lots of content in it, and already had a good ranking. It was not a small niche site.
when I tried applying to Amazon, it seemed like everything was fine, they gave me temporary approval. They wrote that after they will finish reviewing my site I will get permanent access.

At the time my amazon conversion rate was low, so I didn’t have sales yet, so a month passed, and I didn’t get any mail from them.

After I got my first sale, at the same day I got a mail saying  this


"When reviewing a web site we look for a beneficial reason of why a customer would seek out your site, review the topic or content posted, and click over to Amazon.com.  We want an Associate site to be one that adds a value to the customer experience by giving them insight on a subject or product they might not get by going straight to Amazon.com. A web site needs to show content that exemplifies these components when we evaluate your application."


I can assure you guys, my content was in high quality and gave additional information to the visitors.


So why didn't they approve?


It seems that Amazon has to deal with a lot of sites that automatically copies Amazon products and place them in a nice theme, that looks nice, and by that simply "stealing" commissions. I bet that they didn’t even read the products info. But they sure saw that all the site is made as some sort of catalog, and didn’t like that.


So What to do?

First of all, don’t freak out, the decline is not permanent and has no Waiting time limit between your applications -
"We invite you to reapply once your site displays content that will be of value to customers"



Now here are the things you should and can do:

  1. magazine - all you gotta do is to make your site, look like you are not even that interested at referring the visitors, to amazon. That does not mean that you need to remove any amazon referral, simply add content that has nothing to do with selling. Like Magazine articles about your niche,  "How To" articlas, or anything of that sort, and make sure it has its own category at the site, so its clear that your product reviews are just part of the site, and not its whole purpose.
  2. Add social media plugin – to make the site look like its not about just selling products.
  3. Add videos of your products from youtube – just to show your site offers true additional information.you can also add at the homepage "video of the week" and add video related to your site topic.
  4. Add comments – a site that looks like it really helped people, I got few natural comments so I didn’t have to add, but it's just helps to the general looks of the site.
  5. Improve your content – I also just to make sure everything goes correctly, improved my content quality, titles, organized paragraphs, placed pictures, etc..

I Hope the info helps you guys, have an awesome day Day :)

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