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How to find good writers?

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Ideally this is about developing relationships, meaning it is unlikely you will find a great writer on the first go.

It must be realised that you need to help the writer understand what you are looking for. So you need to write up a document with writer's instructions (help them help you).

You will need to test a few writers out to get a feel as to whether they are right for you and this means paying a few for their time and then letting them go if they are not right for you... in time you will have a handful of writers at your disposal... a great feeling to have.

If you are ranking for Google, just make sure you get them to add on-page elements that Google likes. For eg:

1) H1 header that includes the Keyword
2) Including several sub-headers (h2, h3 etc that include words related to your target keywords)
3) Include table of contents
4) Include images with file names similar to keywords
5) Include LSI, related words to the keyword you are trying to target, so if you want to target the phrase "best dog walking service", you will want to include related words such as dog, walking, sneakers, park, leash, business, canine, exercise, mans best friend etc.

As for places you can look who write, you can check places like



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