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Tiered Linkbuilding Experiment

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Very much so...


The thing to keep in mind when building links is what you are actually trying to do. The real goal is to build links to your site that as much as possible mimic real natural links so that Google can not tell the difference between your link profile and the profile of a site that has not done any artificial link building.  This is the main reason you want to keep a diversified link profile as possible because real sites get all kinds of links so this makes it much harder for Google to find a pattern that shows your links are fake. 


All tiers are is taking sites/pages and building them up so they have some strength to give your money site. You basically have two choices, you can purchase links/domains that already have the strength you are looking for or you can build that strength yourself. Building tiers is just building your own strength rather than buying it. 


Thanks that makes a lot of sense. 

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    • By Iprovideseo
      Hello Traffic Planet,
      I wanted to share with you an SEO strategy that i have been working on this month and collected sites from months past. I think this strategy mixes in a lot of good tactics and is more in the grey hat area because of the quality/uniqueness/relevancy of the Tier 1's. Feel free to use this strategy and comment on it! Let's all work together to create an SEO linkbuilding strategy that can stand a few Google Updates!
      Step 1. I have created/gathered a list of over 150 Web 2.0s across squidoo, wordpress, webs, weebly, insane journal, livejournal, yolasite and blogger that all have at least 1 backlink to them. I noticed that 1 backlink on a Web 2.0 can create a Page Authority of 15-22 right away. An average of 3 backlinks increases the Page Authority to usually about 28.    Now I'm starting to think that Page Authority doesn't mean much because how can 1 link increase page authority up to 15-22 so quickly? Do you readers think that page authority is a decent metric to analyze if a website has "linking value"?   - Each web 2.0 has content from article writers or is spun content with Word AI's Turing Spinner (Very unique and content is decent)   Step 2. I have created/gathered over 100 social media accounts including twitter, Google +, facebook, pinterest etc. Most of these do not have any links to them and I will be outsourcing Tier 2 links to these.    - These will be used to post/like/share content from main websites.   Step 3. I have created about 50 social bookmarking accounts on stumbleupon, reddit, Digg, and Digo  These don't have Tier 2 backlinks yet either.   Step 4. I have created about 70 "authority sites/profiles" on benziga, digital journal, crunchbase, soupio, flickr, 43things and purevolume. These websites allow you to publish posts on their site (once you have an account) and it isn't a sub-domain like a Web 2.0.    - I'm including these links for diversity from Web 2.0s and social bookmarks   Step 5. Include PBN links to main websites   - These can be purchased by legit sellers or I highly recommend you start creating your own network of expired domains   I have a lot of work to do trying to create decent quality Tier 2 links to all of these Tier 1 accounts but what I am hoping is that, once the Tier 2 links get indexed then the Tier 1's will be "considered" quality sites if I publish unique blog posts that are all relevant to the link. What I'm thinking with this strategy is that I now have control over various sources of links (web 2.0s, social media, social bookmarks, profiles and pbn's) that I can monitor always, continually use these sites to publish additional content/links and have the diversity to look "natural"   At any given month I am usually trying to rank 15-20 websites so that is why I have over 100 Tier 1s etc. because if you split them amongst 20 sites that's only about 5-7 Tier 1s of each type.   Responses/Feedback: What do you guys think of this strategy? I have put a lot of thought and research into this but I feel like i'm missing something here lol If it does work well like I plan, I will update this post so you can utilize the same strategy.