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The Facebook Targeted Traffic Tool for 2014

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The Facebook targeted traffic tool for 2014 is meant to cater to anyone for any niche.


How it works:


1. Login to Facebook and join Facebook groups related to your niche

2. Connect with Facebook via Automation Hero and choose which groups to post to

3. Write up a message and paste a link (if applicable)

4. Simultaneously post your message to the multiple groups you have selected or schedule out posts weeks in advance

5. Engage in the conversation with those who comment/like your post and build the relationship

6. Watch your business/blog grow


Best Practices: Be respectful to rules of different groups. Don't post self promoting posts unless allowed. Only post something related to your product or site once every 6-7 posts (days) so you don't annoy the other members in the group. Just know this is a powerful tool if used wisely and if used inappropriately can be rough on your business and brand.


Best of luck to your traffic generation without google in 2014!

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