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SEO Experiment - Results of SEnuke XCR On A Fresh Website

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I wanted to test out the effectiveness of linkbuilding with only SEnuke after the Penguin 2.0 update and analyze the results after the latest Penguin 2.1 update in October. Since SEnuke is one of the most expensive linkbuilding software out there at $149 per month it should be able to rank a website.


I spent hours in the past learning how to scrape websites and add them to SEnuke, properly set up a campaign and used Word AI Turing spinner for creating spyntax on original content. The anchor text was natural urls, generic words and 9 targeted keywords that had high competition, a relatively low search volume but a High suggested CPC of $40-60. I wanted to note that with only 10 clicks I could pay for a month of SEnuke!


What I found is that using SEnuke as the only linkbuilding method provided mediocre results for the first campaign dripped over a 14 day period (ranking on pages 6-7, with 1 keyword up to page 4). Then in October when my second campaign of also 14 days finished the rankings tanked. The website and rankings are currently not showing up for anything, not even the domain name.


Here is a screen shot of the rankings over a 6 month period.




The first linkbuilding campaign started on Sept 5th and the second started on Sept 28th. 


My thoughts on this experiment is that SEnuke shouldn't be used directly to your main site unless you are willing to do massive linking campaigns and have your money site a churn and burn. SEnuke could definitely create some high quality Tier 2 and 3 links but at the expensive price tag of $149 per month I would rather use GSA.


Also keep in mind that this was just one website and not conclusive by any means. Just an example


If you would like to see the full details, website/keywords and link profile metrics check out the full post here 

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SENuke is essentially an over-priced, unstable piece of crap as of now. I have been a long time user but switched over to GSA due to its massive list of platforms, customization, stability, and raw power.

The developers at SENuke have done nothing in the last year to improve the software yet they charge people over $100 month to use it. The program constantly crashes and has hardly any good built-in sites to post to. I'm sure their subscriber base is shrinking and rightfully so.

It's pretty difficult to rank sites with unless you have GSA or something else to build additional link juice to your Tier 1 properties. Just my two cents.

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That's good to know. I have used SEnuke prior to the Penguin update and was really satisfied with the result although I must agree that it is quite


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