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Building Natural Backlinks Through Deadsites

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I'm going to discuss a tactic I've been using with great success over the last 2-3 years. You'll notice the instructions are fairly comprehensive - that's because they are designed to give to VA's. If you have any questions please read the whole thread and then post a reply and I'll answer when possible.

Step One: Go to

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Step Two: Click advanced search


Step Three:

In the Keywords section click "contains" and then enter the keyword you're trying to target. Obviously the broader the term is the more results you'll get. I prefer to do my initial search for the keyword I'm targeting and then repeat the process, each time going a more broad.

Also click expiring auctions in the 'type field'. Then click 'Run Search'.

Note: You can also enter any other qualifers you like, for example you may only want links from sites that are 5 years or older. In this case you'd add the number 5 into the Minimum field under the sub heading 'Age'.


In this example, we're going to be using the keyphrase "debt".

Step Four: Export Your Results To CSV


Optional Step Four A: Sort By PageRank

If you're going to do this method for all the dead websites you've found then there really is no reason to do this step. If you've got limited time/resources then it's definitely worth doing.

  • Open your CSV file (will be named Export by Default)
  • Select All The URLs
  • CTRL + C (will copy all of the URLs)
  • Open Notepad
  • CTRL + V (will paste all of the urls into notepad)
  • Save File As "LINKS" (or whatever you like)
  • Open Scrapebox
  • Import URL List (far right hand side)
  • Check Pagerank ---> Get Domain Page Rank
  • Import/Export URL's & PR ---> Export As CSV and save as "LINKSPR" (or whatever you want)

You've now got your target sites sorted by Page Rank.

Optional Step Four B: Sort By Traffic

As above you can sort your list by traffic, I usually do this when I have limited time. I prefer this method over the pagerank method as it usually means I end up with links that send actual targetted traffic.

  • Open your CSV file (will be named Export by default)
  • Select All Rows
  • Click Data
  • Click Sort
  • Sort By: Traffic
  • Click Descending (this will put the sites with the most traffic at the top)
  • Click Ok

Your URLS Are Now Sorted By Which Get The Most Traffic.

Step Five: Open Your Favorite Backlink Checker Tool (

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You can use whatever tool you like, but in this case will be using backlinks analysis is ace. You only pay for API usage so it's extremely cheap. You'll need to create an account and then fund it.

Step Six: Grab Your Target Domain + Explore


Make sure you change 'exact' to 'domain'. This will make the tool search for all links to the WHOLE domain not just the single URL. Then enter your target site (in this case

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) and click explore.

Step Seven: Select Your Providers:


Select which providers you want to grab links for, usually I select them all including Majestic SEO Historic, in this case we're going to unselect that for simplicity's sake then click continue.

Step Eight: Open Your Report + Export The CSV File

Once it's finished loading click 'Raw Data' then 'Download CSV'.

Since I am a nice guy and this isn't my niche, you can actually view this report by

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. It usually takes a few minutes for the report to process, but once it's done then it will automatically e-mail you.

Step Nine: Removing Backlinks That Don't Exist

  • Open your CSV file (will be named url.extension.rawdata by default)
  • Select All Rows
  • Click Data
  • Click Sort
  • Sort By: Backlink Exists
  • Click Descending (this will put the sites with a live backlink at the top)
  • Click Ok

Step Ten: Visiting The Sites

  • Select the first cell in the row 'Url'
  • Ctrl + C (to copy)
  • Open A New Browser Window
  • Ctrl + V (to paste)
  • Look For Your Link On The Site

Finding your link on the site is easy and can be done several ways.

By using the backlinks anaylsis CSV file:

  • Go to the anchors column
  • Look for the row that matches the URl you're on
  • This will display the anchor used, and what specific URL it links to on your target site

By using google chrome

  • Right click page 'view source'
  • Ctrl + F (to find) and input the URL you're looking for
  • Will have the anchor text next to it

Step Eleven: Decide If The Link Is Worth It

Not all links are worth obtaining anymore, you need to be picky and decide if it's a link you want or a link you should avoid. I look for the following with this method:

  • Editorially added (e.g the link should be apart of the content and not in the comments section)
  • Unique content (if the content is obviously spun, you don't want a link from the page and there is also a higher chance that the webmaster won't reply to your e-mail)

Obviously you can have whatever criteria you like.

Step Twelve: Contact The Site Owners

  • Find A Contact E-mail
  • Find Out About The Content's Author/Owner
  • Send A Customized E-mail With A Strong Call To Action
  • Wait For Reply, If No Reply Is Received Send a Polite Followup

The next step is extremely easy, but it's also the most important step of the whole process. You need to find the contact information for the site owner and then send them an e-mail informing them that they have a dead link on their site. I usually find their contact information under a 'contact us' page, if you can't find this then use a

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to find it.

Once you have the e-mail you'll want to find out a little about the site's owner/author. I try to find out at least what their name is, this information is extremely important as it shows that you're not just mass mailing people.

Once you have this basic information, it's time to send them an e-mail. Here is a basic template, as always: make your own & split test to find out what works for your specific niche.

Subject: Just wanted to let you know there is a deadlink on your website


Hey <authors name>

I just wanted to let you know that your page <URL that contains a deadlink goes here> currently links to <URL that is dead/no longer working> with the anchor text <anchor text goes here>.

I'm sure you understand that having dead links is frustrating for users which is why I decided to let you know about it. I have a similar page on my site <your URL goes here>.

Amazing site by the way, I really enjoyed your post on <topic here>.

All the best,

<Your Name>

Step Thirteen: Repeat Steps 10-12 Until You've Exhausted All The URLs In Your Backlinks Analysis Ace File.

Step Fourteen: Repeat Steps 6-13 Until You've Done All Expired Domains From Your Godaddy Auction Report

Final Words

This method is extremely effective, I usually get a response from around 40% of webmasters, around which 50% of these will add in my requested link. It works best in informational niches where you have similar pages to the dead site.

If you don't have a similar page, then it's a great chance for you to build up some more compelling content that you KNOW people are willing to link to.

As I said, 40% of people reply to my e-mail. Even though only 50% of them add in my link, I've opened up the dialogue with them and I can use that to discuss other possibilities. For example: I can offer to write a guest post for them, I can direct them to other linking opportunities.

As I said, if you've got any questions then ask away.

Rather than just saying thank you or liking this post, why don't you show me you really appreciated it? You can do so by subscribing to my

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(I promise not to spam you useless crap, if I'm not personally using something I'd never recommend it to you. I also use this list as a way to test new ideas/link building strategies and share little tidbits and also discounts to my own products) - or better yet buy something from me through

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. As a thank you for doing one of those things, I promise to spend more time posting about my favorite link building methods.

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Great white hat method. It sure beats the old email "Can I have a link on your site". You have to provide some value to the webmaster, then make them think it's THEIR idea to put your link up.

The cold email template alone was invaluable.

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I have read about this strategy on another thread - this one is much detailed though. Thanks for the effort. I have taken a look at your site, and would like to discuss your services. Please hit me up through a pm when you have some time.

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