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Enter A New Browser Contender: Maxthon

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It's fast but so was Chrome when it first released:

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Not really new though. I used it years ago and it was nice but they updated it and turned it into a resources hog.....Might try it again though looks promising

Firefox for life! Done.

Firefox is a memory leaking resource hog and if not for all the very useful add-ons I would not go near it. I use palemoon most of the time which is based on firefox so most of the add-ons work and while they fix a lot of the problems it is still not great.

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I've heard of this before. Just never installed it. I guess I'll give it a try. I don't like being chained to a desk so I've recently been doing most of my work on a low(ish) end 11.6" not-quite-a-laptop-but-not-quite-a-netbook. Firefox runs like crap at times and Chrome loves to spike my CPU for a second when it initially loads a page. If you search around for battery life tests Chrome usually comes in dead last.

Opera runs awesome. It's a shame that a lot of sites just don't work right with it though.

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