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[10,000+ SOLD] SE Slingshot - High PageRank Blog Posts

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10+ Post Review Copy Results

Ranking movement for username: dr812-bhw

#12 to #8 - 8,100


Ranking movement for username: botnet-bhw

#103 to #13 - 2,900


Ranking movement for username: jbar

#10 to #7 -1,000 - CPC $29.56


Ranking movement for username: trakker

#13 to #9 - 74,000


Ranking movement for username: jeremynet

#13 to #12 - 2,400


Ranking movement for username: bill_z

#12 to #11 - 18,100, CPC $4.05


Ranking movement for username: hardindex-bhw

#11 to #10 - 450,000 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $2.41


Ranking movement for username: Nanny Rose

#12 to #11 - 1,900 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $38.50


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Ranking movement for username: thebarksmeow

#13 to #10 - 5,400 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $1.76


Ranking movement for username: csbutler3-bhw

#7 to #6 - 14,800 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $3.38

Day #2


Day #3


Ranking movement for username: yougotmymoney

#13 to #10 - 590 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $12.27


Ranking movement for username: Zero Cooll-bhw

#9 to #7 - 5,400 Exact Match Search Volume


#2 to #1


Ranking movement for username: skilganon

#43 to #8


Ranking movement for username: kirahster

#33 to #15 - 1,000 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $32.22


Ranking movement for username: brentr

#118 to #10 - 1,300 Exact Match Search Volume


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Ranking movement for username: seorasta-bhw

#66 to #38 - 8,100 Exact Match Search Volume


Ranking movement for username: digidoodles

#58 to #51 - 6,600 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $2.48


SEO Client

#10 to #9 -22,000 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $5.74


#14 to #11 -165,000 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $7.07


Ranking movement for username: sovarn

#9 to #6 - 49,500, CPC $2.29


bensonave - package #2

Ranking movement #3 to #1, 49,500 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $8.61


Congrats to yurckk and his move to #1


jackielinks - package #1


wesvista-bhw - package #2

Ranking movement #5 to #3, 6,600 Exact Match Search Volume


shapsp-wf - package #2

#140 to #13, 1,600 Exact Match Search Volume --> Trend will increase to 250,000 Exact Match Search Volume Within 3 Months


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seoclient - package #1

Ranking movement #4 to #2, 33,100 Exact Match Search Volume


daveb - package #2

#6 to #3


fallenskywalker - package #2

#3 to #1 for a local search term


dantheman-bhw - package #1

#12 to #6, 4,400 Exact Match Search Volume


markymark - package #1

#16 to #5, 4,400 Exact Match Searches


gewealth - package #2

#6 to #4, 135,000 Exact Match Searches


mkasho-bhw - package #2

#2 to #1, 74,000 Exact Match Searches


refton12-bhw - package #1

#20 to #3, 3,600 Exact Match Searches, CPC $6.59


spikey99-wf - package #1

#2 to #1, 8,100 Exact Match Searches


#11 to #3, 1,000 Exact Match Searches


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@hardindex - returned your package #2 report.

**Permission Granted by Website Owner

Ranking movement for username: hardindex - Review Copy - Date 9/16/2011
#11 to #10 - 450,000 Exact Match Search Volume, CPC $2.41

Package #2 - Date 9/28/2011
#10 to #7

[Case Study Diet Pills]

I will be performing a live case study. Now, I know things can happen when you perform a live case study and sometimes competitors or people that just like to mess around ruin it for everyone else. The last time I did a live case study it was crashed by someone. If all goes well, I will give out the domain part way through the case study.

I've been tracking the keyword for a couple of days. As you can see SEScout doesn't want to give me a proper looking graph for some reason. The dates are correct but it lists each date multiple times for some reason. All link building has been halted for this domain, which is why you can see a slight dip in rankings.

The keyword diet pills has an exact match search volume of 74,000 according to Google Keyword Tool.

What is a High PageRank Blog Post?

A high PR blog post usually references when an article is posted to the homepage of a website for a certain period of time. The blog post eventually rolls off the homepage as newer posts are made and then becomes an innerpage of the website. Most people consider a high PR blog post anything PR3 or greater, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The main benefit of a high PR blog post is that it becomes a permanent part of the website, whereas with traditional homepage backlinks you typically don't get your own article and your links are mashed very close to other people's on the page. You also lose the link if you stop paying the homepage backlink subscription.

The disadvantage is that the post does roll off the homepage. One theory I have is that while on the homepage a link is created to both your website and your post page passes extra juice even after the posts rolls off. This is why 1 high PR blog post link seems to be more effective than just getting 1 ezinearticle link which never appeared on the homepage.

Why This Keyword?

I want to try and improve the rank of website for a fairly competitive term where there are other people also building links. I am specifically targeting the homepage of this website.

The Goal:

While tracking this website, the highest it has ranked is #46. The first goal is to pass that ranking. The next goal will be to rank from #11 to #20. I am not sure if I will continue this case study and push the website into the top 10.


I am not being paid to rank this keyword. The website owner has agreed to stop all link building to the domain during this case study. This PR2 domain has had some link building performed and was created Dec. 20, 2001. It has 127 pages indexed by Google and 318 backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer. MajesticSEO shows 278 external backlinks. Please note that YSE no longer updates.

Onpage SEO:

This website has 12 external affiliate links on the page and 1 Adsense block above the fold. The website is fairly optimized for the keyword and has it in the title and header tags. It does not appear in the domain name.

9/23/2011 - 1:15pm - I will build 50 x PR4 High PR Blog Posts to this website.

My initial thoughts are I am fairly confident I can improve the rank of this website. My major concerns are the onpage SEO factors which might weigh the website down. Also I am not sure about the strength of the previous link building that was being done. It appears this website has a good collection of paid text links ranging from PR0 to PR2.

Well I guess this was a rather fast case study. Hope everyone enjoyed.

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Jacob's services are real deal. I've dealt with him numerous times, and I must say, he's most definitely one of THE most professional guys I've dealt with. Excellent communication, reports on time, and even gives you tips for improving your results. I bought 150 of these links for a keyword that was stuck at #24 for a medium-heavy competition keyword.

No joke, within TWO DAYS it shot up to #4! until I'd used his service, I didn't think this was even possible! If you're on the fence, don't be. Especially with his guarantee, you've seriously got absolutely nothing to lose.

On another keyword, more competitive, I was stuck at #8. After his HPR Blog Network links...#2 biggrin.gif

I run an SEO firm, and whenever my client's sites aren't doing too well, I get in touch with Jacob. He's what I call "The Asset" with my business partner tongue.gif

*let's activate "The Asset"...*

It's great to find people who you know you'll be dealing with in the long-run smile.gif

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