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How important do you think customer support is regarding your conversion rate?

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How important do you think it is?

Not many talk about this point in specific, but I believe that it is very important. Even though I don't own a big online shop, I feel that since I started answering faster to my customers' questions and problems, I see more sales and overall, many of them are inclined to leave a positive review without me asking them to do so.

Now, thing is that I'm looking forward to leveling up my game, because as my store is growing, so are my customers' inquiries through different channels (email, FB, Twitter, etc.). I already have someone taking care of the live chat, but the social media channel are getting out of my hands, because managing them separately has become a real hassle.

I've been looking into social CRM solutions, and so far now, Kayako looks very solid (

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). Although, other options like SalesForce, Nimble and Batchbook look solid as well. So my question is: which one do you think is the best? Please, if you are speaking from experience, then I want your recommendation even more!

Please, help me even more if you think that proper customer support is crucial for an optimal conversion rate!

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