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What Are the Best SEO Techniques Right Now?

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There are some techniques we need to follow to stay ahead in the competition. Here are some of them -

  1. Mobile First Indexing - Google has confirmed the mobile first indexing update. This means that the website needs to be mobile friendly and lightening fast.
  2. Voice Search - As mobile searches have been increased over last 2 years and have 57% share in overall searches, your website must be ready for voice searches.
  3. Anchor Text Cloud - Maintain your anchor text cloud so that you wont get a Google penalty hit.
  4. Link Earning - Earn links by adopting ways that are ethical and acceptable by Google’s guidelines. Link baiting and buying links will get you penalized by Google. Follow White Hat SEO techniques and stay away from spamming.

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best SEO techniques for 2018 include 

forum posting 

question answers 

mobile friendly websites 

voice search to be enhanced 

getting backlinks 

content sharing 

speed optimization 

social media presence 

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