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DA, PA, CF, TF, TF/CF - What's Best?

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Hey guys, I'm an old school SEO, haven't done it for a while and was most active back in the days of getting backlinks from high Page Rank sites.


After some research it seems that when assessing high quality sites for getting backlinks from, we should initially be looking at: 

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • TF / CF


From what I understand, I should be looking for:

  • TF / CF > 0.5


My question is, since TF/CF Minimum should be 0.5, what Maximum TF/CF should I look for?

I read TF/CF =1 is best, but no mention of a Maximum TF/CF we should consider.


Also, what are the Minimum values we should consider for Domain Authority and Page Authority, and also Citation Flow and Trust Flow?


Any suggestions? Many thanks




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Hey there,

Although TF, CF (Majestic), DR, UR (Ahrefs) and other rating factors is a good indicator for a site's authority, I would not rely solely on this method, because it can easily be manipulated using software to make those websites look more authoritative than they actually are.

The 3 things you should look at are a combination of the following.

1) A site's authority, so its TR or UR
2) Make sure the site is in the same niche or similar niche (so when you get the link, Google will see relevance)
3) Make sure the site is getting traffic. The more traffic the site has, the more Google will notice. Getting a backlink from a site that has traffic is far more beneficial than one without traffic (you can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to estimate the traffic a site is getting)


Good luck

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Useless, all of them, because Google doesn't use them for determining if your website is worthy of ranking or not. Work on increasing your value by getting backlinks from websites and blogs relevant to your location (Local SEO) or niche, in case you are working in a global level (think of e-commerce or similar biz). And of course, your content needs to rock!

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