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How To Get Lower CPC on Facebook Ads!

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hey guys .. so today i wanted to share some tips about getting low CPC on facebook ads.

if you run a small business or an online business or whatever you're doing you are using fb ads to grow that business, i'd like to give you an advice that can help you lower the ad cost , if you have been doing ads for a while and you're making a decent amout of money then you already figured this out by default ,but there is a lot of people that don't know how to do it yet and they end up spending too much money 



so what can we do ? 

first i need you to understand this, the longer you run a fb ad (a good one) thats getting click,engagement people liking,sharing,commenting,click through your link 

wherever you're trying to lead them , the longer that ad runs the cheaper clicks you're going to get .

what kills most people is becuase they lose too much money early on in an ad campaign and panic then turn off the ad and start a new one from scratch 


let's throw an example, we have a product that we wanna promote that cost $30

then we set up the audience that we're targeting and decide to spend $200 on that ad and u set up the ad and send the targeted aud to the sales page and you get a 0.55 CPC and you make 2 sales that's $60 and the ad spend was $100 in 1 day ,0.55 Per click 

... so you're spending too much money before the ad get optimized by facebook 


so what do we do ?

spend a little daily budget like for example $10 daily for 8/9 days for the ad to mature


so what happens when the ad matures ? 

you start getting way more clicks for the $100 you spent on 8/9 days


by time people engage and interact with your ad, the CPC drops down


and don't throw your money in one campaign ,,, don't get desperate too soon and kill the ad ..

please let me know your ideas (that worked) to get a lower CPC 



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      Basically, to start a successful affiliate marketing business you need three things:

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      1. When selecting a product, personally I like to promote ones that are in high demand. That appeal to the masses.

      They promise to deliver something that almost everybody wants.

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      Making money online is nothing else than EXCHANGE of service/product for the money.

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      We believe that people don't necessarily need more "information", there's plenty. Enough with "theory" and "concepts". What people really need is results.       Your business assets are your domain, yourPlease login or register to see this link.
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      Over the last 2 months, I’ve gone from making $850 to $9000 per month, and I’ve worked so god damn hard to get to my current level of income. But this short endeavor has genuinely changed my life.
      The method I’ve used is largely my own, and I’ve been taking notes on what has been working well for me and what hasn’t.
      Last week I started marketing my material at a price tag of $300 and it’s been selling surprisingly well. But it’s not really going out to the people who I want it to go out to. Hopefully by making it freely available here, I can help some people who have a burning desire to get started with something but who haven’t fully decided on what to get into.
      You can view it freely in the attachment (it’s not something I can just copy and paste into this post).
      Super keen to hear what you guys think. I’ve got exams coming up pretty soon, but I’ll see if I can answer any questions if anyone’s got some.

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