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A nice little article over at WishPond on running a Facebook Contest. Some useful information for anyone thinking about running one. 




The most challenging part of any Facebook contest is getting new people to the page.

Sure, your newsletter and social media posts can get your current customers and leads to enter, but what about new prospective customers?
You could advertise, of course. And perhaps you should. Advertising can yield great results for a Facebook promotion. But what if you don't have the budget?
There's another option: Facebook Share Contests.
With a Facebook Share Contest, you get your contest entrants to share the word. You tap into their networks.
The benefit, of course, is that you can more effectively generate new prospective customers.
This article will give you a step by step guide to how it works.
Let's get started! 




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This is extremely helpful I have been working on doing more with facebook and this fits into what I have been working on very well. 


The key to making Facebook work is really nailing your target demographic so you are not wasting time and money getting in front of people that are not going to buy. 

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    • By hernanv07
      Hey guys, 

      I thought I'd start by contributing something that has been working really well for me over the past 60 days when it comes to Facebook ads.

      Many of you have a product or a service that requires some sort of education (you're a digital marketer, a consultant, a fitness coach, or you sell information, you provide services for clients, etc).

      If that's your case, here's some good news...

      You can leverage the social power of Facebook to grow your audience FAST (in fact, nothing can beat the speed at which you'll build your audience) and still have a lot of sales and new customers.

      Here's how to do it:

      1. Create an amazing piece of content.

      I always suggest that you make a really powerful and helpful video for your audience. Even better if you do it LIVE on Facebook since nowadays, LIVE video gets much more engagement than ANY other piece of content.

      This needs to be STRONG and you need to really solve a problem your audience has. Think about this like your "virtual" handshake, where people that don't know you can start trusting you and will want more of your stuff.

      2. Create a Video Views or Engagement campaign for that video you just created.

      You can just boost it from your page and pick really targeted/relevant interests for what you have to offer. I'd recommend though that you use the Ads manager for this since you can get really granular.

      3. Create a Custom Audience based on people that watched at least 50% of your video.

      If your video is 10 minutes long, for example, people that watched 50% of it will be really really engaged with your content.

      The more you promote this specific video to certain audiences, the more views it will get (and you have the chance of it going viral as well).

      4. Serve ads to that Custom Audience with a free report, a free cheat sheet, a PDF, another video tutorial or a plain offer (like a $7 product or something like that).

      Not only your list will be much more responsive (since people are first consuming your content BEFORE signing up), but your conversions will be much much higher.

      My most responsive audiences (and lower Cost Per Acquisition) for my book, for example, are the ones that have previously engaged with my content.

      You can do this for people that have engaged with your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, visited your website, commented on your post and so on.

      If you have questions about this strategy, let me know in the comments below
    • By _Richard
      An excellent list to use for ideas and tactics to increase your social media engagement. A good chance there are some new ones that you are not currently using but should be. 

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      A good set of articles on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. 

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      Some good info on increasing your open rates and conversions on your email campaigns.

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