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.ch is the Country code for Switzerland

Companies or private entities that are located in Switzerland mainly use this TLD.

No special requirements. Anyone can register a .ch domain name.


The short domain name will be easier to remember, which is of course very important. The more memorable, the better it is. Shorter domain names are also less prone to typing errors. And a very complicated or long domain makes it harder for people to have it shared on social media, or through word of mouth.


A web address that is short shows that the site has importance, or that it already exists for quite some time. A short domain name definitely makes a site look more credible. 


It is all about: brand building possibilities, easy to remember, less prone to typos, much easier to share on social media, better for word of mouth, it sounds better in ads, easier to be dialed on smartphones, and of course, more prestige. Therefore, the shorter and less complicated the domain name is, the better.


REG@101Domain - Free Push

More Info Or Offers Made@

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