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The Science Of Emotion: 4 Keys To Effective Social Media Marketing

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Interesting article on using emotion in your social media marketing to get more reach and results.



We all get emotional. It’s hardwired into us.
Get ready, because we’re going to have to go down the rabbit hole a little bit here. Once we come out the other side, you’ll be armed with a great understanding of the science of emotion and what emotion can do for you as a marketer for your social media marketing strategies.
So why do we have emotions? Where do they come from? Fascinatingly, we still haven’t nailed down where emotions come from – we know it has something to do with the limbic system in the brain, and that levels of different neurotransmitters are associated with different emotions. What we don’t know is the level of cause and effect at play.
Generally, emotion can be viewed as a triggered release of these neurotransmitters in response to a stimulus, where mood can be seen as a result of naturally changing levels of these chemicals.
The stronger our reaction to a stimulus, the more neurotransmitters are released and the bigger our reaction becomes.  
While we might be still learning about how the process works, we do know that emotion has a huge effect on our motivation. In fact, one theory of emotion has categorized feelings by how activating (motivational) or deactivating (discouraging) the emotions are:
Got it? Great. This is the important part.
So, social media!
Social media is an amazing platform with incredible potential, but most people make next to no use of that potential whatsoever. SocialFlow did a study to test how much engagement can organic social posts get...



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