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The Importance of Building Trust: What 2,400 consumers say about trust in the conversion process

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Another great article from the marketing Experiments site (one of my favorite sites) on earning trust from your visitors in order to increase your conversions.




Websites are more than digital images and copy. Websites are relationships with people. And if we seek to influence behavior, we need to understand and respect that relationship.
All sales begin with customer understanding
As with any relationship, it begins with an understanding of who the other party in the relationship is, what they want, and what they get out of the relationship. In this case, that is the customer.
So before one pixel is even coded on a website, the goal should be to understand what the customer needs and wants, and then the question becomes — how can this website provide that? Without that understanding, the website has no reason for being.
“Organizations that understand how their customers think and feel have a much better chance at meeting their customers’ needs,†Katie Sherwin, User Experience Specialist, Nielsen Norman Group, said.
Establishing trust online
But building a website that will meet customers’ needs is not enough. They must believe it will meet their needs. They must trust the website...



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