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High Ranking Keywords Gone | Traffic Loss | Recovering From Penalty

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Hi All,


We launched our new website recently. We had high traffic dropped from organic. It was shocking moment for us as we launched this website with positive which would convert.


So what was the reason in huge drop in traffic?

We ran a SEO audit and found most of our page backlinks were not properly linking to current web pages. As we changed our website url completely from older website url.


We fixed this using url redirects in htaccess file. Another issues were we had fresh content. So all the old content were gone.


Positive side?


We got a huge boost on website from mobile users. As our current website is fully responsive. Lower bounce rate from previous 65% to current 40%. Average time on website is increased from previous 2 minutes to current 4 minutes.


We are now focusing on getting great whitehats backlinks for our ranking pages. 


So what you think how much time it will take to again rank our keywords? All of those keywords are heart of our business. Such as captive portal, pcrf, hss, service enabler etc.

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Really hard to say how long it will take for Google to see that the links are now pointing to existing pages.


I would send some bot traffic to those links to hurry up the process by building some new links to the pages they are on.

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      is a cloud-based software with a complete set of tools for all SEO projects on one platform. It unites 35+ instruments like keyword rankings, website audit, competitor SEO/PPC research, and comprehensive reporting to name a few.  A robust SEO engine and user-friendly interface make SE Ranking a software of choice for online marketing experts and newbies alike.
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      Apart from the listed tools, there are instruments for collecting and grouping keywords, managing your social media accounts, and completing many other fun marketing activities.
      SE Ranking stands up for affordability of the service for the businesses of all levels: from individual entrepreneurs and small companies to large enterprises and agencies. Find the plan that suits your needs and budget. No extra charges or hidden costs – with SE Ranking you’ll always know what you are paying for.

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      SE Ranking offers everything you need for SEO.
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      I heard Google favors sites with https://   vs    http://
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      Hey guys,
      I recently posted this in Please login or register to see this link.
       but wanted to share a short and sweet version with my fellow TrafficPlanet members. I hope you will enjoy reading. (7422 words, 97 images, and highly actionable tips)

      If you have been in SEO for a while you will know what that feeling is like when you send an email asking for a link.

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        Have you ever thought about finding link building opportunity, using expired domains? Instead of chasing domains all over the web you can just grab expired domain with high metrics and see what is linking to that.   This is not as saturated as much as other methods because people usually don’t see it as an opportunity. For this chapter, I will use Expiredomains, Godaddy, Flippa, and FreshDrop.  
      2. Wikipedia Broken Link Building Techniques   As we all know, Wikipedia is the largest and the most informative online encyclopedia. It is almost impossible to make any search for any terms that don’t contain a Wikipedia link in top 10 search results.   Great opportunity for you to make your link profile looks much better.   There’s only one problem. Finding Wikipedia broken links is a HUGE pain and time consuming. But, there’s a solution. I’m going to show you exactly how to use Wikipedia in a smart way to gain unlimited links which will boost your traffic.

      3. Deep Broken Link Building – Second Level   You already know how to find broken links from your industry in one of the most authoritative sites on the web. But what if you can dig deeper for more websites with decent authority.     4. Outdated Content Link Creation   Today I’m going to present you another great piece of broken link building strategy. What is it all about? Finding and revamping outdated content on authority websites. This is actually a brilliant combination of broken link building and guest posting.     5. Find Broken Links Directly On Sites From Your Industry   As you probably already noticed people are not diligent in updating content. Most of them are write, publish and leave it just like that to collect the dust. That’s the same for authority websites.   In this module, we will focus on authority websites from your industry or so called Linkreators. (Linkreators are people, who tend to write and share about the same subject that you do). Now, just imagine if you can find broken links on their authority sites and offer to replace with yours.   Sounds good?

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      7. Ahrefs – Broken Link Checker   Ahrefs is my favorite tool for finding broken link building, outdated content and links that are outdated. Ahrefs is much more than that but I will keep explaining about broken link building techniques and how to use it the smart way.   Why did I choose to use this powerful tool? Because you won’t need a pile of plugins, browser extensions, and web services for your broken link building campaigns any more.

      8. Find Broken Links Using Screaming Frog   This is another great, desktop based tool for finding and checking broken links. Actually, Screaming Frog is much more than that. There are free and paid versions. The free version is limited to 500 URLs which is quite enough for your first batch of research.   You can also purchase premium version and unlock all other features. For this example let’s use the free version of Screaming Frog.

      9. Dead Link Checker   Dead Link Checker is a free online tool that allows you to check a whole website or single page of a site.

      10. Domain Hunter Plus   Domain Hunter Plus is another free tool, this time from Netvantage Plus. The difference with this tool is that it is a Chrome Browser extension rather than a website.

      11. Broken Link Checker   The Broken Link Checker is another online tool. The main difference between this and the Dead Link Checker is that there seems to be no limit on the number of web pages you can check. That being said I know that they have a “free limit†of 3000 pages per site, but again this is more than enough for most SEO uses.

      12. Xenu Link Crawling Tool   Ok, so the Xenu link sleuth programme is old as the internet (or certainly seems that way) and it is included in many tools online.

      13.Dr. Link Checker   Dr Link Checker is another cloud based Link Checker, that is fast and free to use.

      14. Canned Response Gmail Feature   Canned responses won’t find you any broken links but it will help you to get links once you find them. The best part it is free and it is in Gmail. What Is A Canned Response? Well, a canned response is simple a template you can pre write to save you time and energy writing out emails and also copying and pasting.

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      Please login or register to see this link.

        Any questions, feedbacks - hit me up!
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      Hey I am looking to build my back link profile.
      Does Prweb and Prnewswire hold any SEO value?
      I have seen many mixed reviews on the web.
      Does anyone here have real life experience that could comment on this question?
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