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High Ranking Keywords Gone | Traffic Loss | Recovering From Penalty

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Hi All,


We launched our new website recently. We had high traffic dropped from organic. It was shocking moment for us as we launched this website with positive which would convert.


So what was the reason in huge drop in traffic?

We ran a SEO audit and found most of our page backlinks were not properly linking to current web pages. As we changed our website url completely from older website url.


We fixed this using url redirects in htaccess file. Another issues were we had fresh content. So all the old content were gone.


Positive side?


We got a huge boost on website from mobile users. As our current website is fully responsive. Lower bounce rate from previous 65% to current 40%. Average time on website is increased from previous 2 minutes to current 4 minutes.


We are now focusing on getting great whitehats backlinks for our ranking pages. 


So what you think how much time it will take to again rank our keywords? All of those keywords are heart of our business. Such as captive portal, pcrf, hss, service enabler etc.

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Really hard to say how long it will take for Google to see that the links are now pointing to existing pages.


I would send some bot traffic to those links to hurry up the process by building some new links to the pages they are on.

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