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Found 2 results

  1. I recently decided to try out services on Konker.io after watching a couple of videos from a guy called Alex Becker. However I am facing problems. I placed two orders for two different services. The first order still shows as in progress. The second order has completely disappeared from my list of orders and apparently the service has been taken down by the seller because I cannot now locate it in the advertised services. The Support link on Konker leads to a dead end saying "Bummer. It looks like the help center at konkerhelp.zendesk.com no longer exists". I then wrote to the service provider's via his Paypal ID, but have not yet received any response. SoI have now written to Alex Becker on the email ID that I receive newsletters from. Does anybody have any information on whether the Konker site is still working or it has been abandoned? Does anybody here have any suggestions or info which might be useful?
  2. Does anybody know of a PBN, or an SEO service that will work with online casino related sites? Thanks, Paul