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Found 18 results

  1. kingjennifer900

    how can i master outreaching?

    can you tell me about any tips you could think of that i need to follow in order to become a master in outreaching in digital marketing?
  2. A very good article on adjusting your sales copy for the different social sites. Lots of good info and worth the read. Social Media Copywriting: How to Compose Text for 5 Different Channels
  3. An excellent test and write up over on BlogSpot about using influencer marketing. Well worth the read if it is something you are doing or thinking about doing. Does Influencer Marketing Actually Work? A HubSpot Blog Experiment
  4. If you are running an eCommerce store or have a client who is you will probably find this article over at Smart Insights useful. Top E-commerce Trends to inform your 2017 marketing strategy
  5. Some decent looking FREE tools over at B2C and free and cheap tools that make your life easier are always a good thing. 4 Free Visual Marketing Resources
  6. Hey Guys, I would like to share the method of getting super targeted traffic that worked well for me and thought it will be a good idea to share it with you so you can benefit from it. it works. Basically what I do is I go to google alert and create an alert on the topic that I'm targeting I'm in internet marketing niche this what I'm familiar with so let say it will be on affiliate marketing or make money online. You want this keyword to has the largest amount of traffic possible don't make alerts on keywords that has low amount of traffic. so what next. For the potions of the alert I like to make it like that How often : as it happens Source : Blog or Discussions. you can create one for blog and another one for discussion I don't miss with other. just this two. Region : any region language : English How many : only the best results. After that, what will happen is google will send you an alerts of the blog posts and forum discussions that are new and updated and recently indexed by google. this are the most hot today and will get a lot of traffic. what you will do then. if it's a blog you will comment on it by your link or if it's a forum discussion. you will join and post with your signature. it's that simple. it worked well for me. let me know what do you think and if I can help you with this.
  7. Hey, guys I created a 14,000+ words long tutorial about how to set up a WordPress blog, how to get traffic and how to make money with your blog or website - the complete guide! In this tutorial, you will learn: - How to Choose Your Domain Name and Get It For Free - How to Get the Best Hosting For Your Domain - How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog - How to Find The Best Design For Your Blog - How to Optimize Your Blog For SEO - How to Make It Secure & Automatically Backed Up - Blogging Best Practices - How to Get Traffic to Your Blog - How to Make Money From Your blog - How To Optimize Your Time Even if you have a blog or a website there are 100+ ideas how to get more traffic and make money! Get the post here - http://fortunelords.com/start-a-blog/
  8. Here are a couple of in depth articles about colors and how they affect your marketing, branding, and conversions..... ​ ​http://coschedule.com/blog/color-psychology-marketing/ ​http://seopressor.com/blog/psychology-of-color-in-marketing/ .
  9. Hello ! Just registered to the site and exploring the posts. As a gift I want to give away a free Facebook Group Poster bot, you can download it here: http://nichecontactblaster.com/index.php/facebook-group-poster-free/ We have as well a contact form submission software at the same page ( create template message, search keywords and post using the website contact form page ). It collects as well all the social profiles of the visited pages and email. Good for traffic generating and networking. Cheers! Kevin Niche Contact Blaster
  10. An interesting article I ran across this morning. Some good info on increasing your conversions ​http://www.pagewiz.com/blog/conversion-rate-optimization/neuromarketing ​
  11. Hi guys. I have read a bunch of articles that tell people to avoid using carousels (automated image sliders) on the homepages of their websites. I for one am very fond of them because they are a cool way of presenting content using less page space, but some people seem to advise against them. I would like your input. Do you use carousels or not? What do you think are the pros and cones of using one? Thanks, Andrei
  12. Hi I'm new in internet marketing. Actually I'm just a content writer. So I was thinking what niche should I choose for my next website. I read a lot of guides on the web to help figure out some niches from my interests. I also had a look at some lists of evergreen niches, etc. But I'm not sure. If talking of interest, I would like to write about international politics, modern history, or guns and firearms. But I'm not sure that these niche websites could be monetized by either AdSense or affiliate (forget Amazon altogether in guns or politics). So I need a good niche for which advertisers are paying good sums that can bring in some money both from AdSense and affiliate marketing. I'm willing to work hard and would remain patient until my website is good enough, so please don't give such general pointers. I am not aiming for 5k/month from the first day on. I just need to be confident that yes: this niche is easy, AdSense pays a good amount per click, there are affiliate options available, and I would be able to experiment with it a bit. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  13. Want to buy high quality links from the websites related to education, marketing, blogging, seo and news. Looking forward to get an email with samples. Thanks in advance.
  14. AutomationHero is the ultimate system for managing your online marketing: 1. Manage Your Social Media with SocialHero 2. Manage your contacts in AutomationHero's CRM 3. Design custom landing pages to generate leads for your business with DesignHero 4. Nurture Your Leads into Sales with AutomationHero's Email Marketing Automation If you have not yet signed up for AutomationHero... You can get a FREE Account here... Only on Traffic Planet! Sign Up for FREE Today! Normally $29/month!
  15. Achieve Alleviate Auction Avoid Bargain Bargain [product name] To get the other 40 keywords visit https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pyywkgc4bbdud7/40%20Buyer%20Intent%20Keywords.rar?dl=0
  16. I'm getting ready to launch a case study where I'll be building a new niche site from scratch. I'll be sharing all the strategies I use to build and grow the site over time. I just wanted to make this post to get your input on how you'd like to see a niche case study like this proceed. I'm even open to suggestions on the niche to target. The main point is to test out some of the popular strategies for social media, and seo to see if we can build a site naturally. Let me know if this is something that you'd be interested in following. Cheers!
  17. BetterGolfSkills.com iPhonenvision.com Your-Best-Biz.com (with backlinks) envisionstuff.com meltmeaway.biz motivational-improvement.com raisingmyvalue.com thefutureisgold.net publishyourownvideos.com (with backlinks) empowerbusiness.ca ALL for sale, individually or bulk. Will consider all offers. I will come back and remove domains from list as sold. Please act fast! If you would like to make an offer, you may message here, or preferably phone 204-481-3024 - Elaine Phone offers may get first pick. Paypal only. Elaine Nicol 204-481-3024
  18. Hey, I have been researching for the last couple of weeks the best ways to market your business and generate leads/sales. I wanted to share with everyone what I have found and ask that we all add comments on additional ways to market a business online and offline. I have tested out some of these marketing methods and will comment on the experience/results as well. 1. Join a networking group - (I joined BNI networking group which has chapters throughout the U.S. and referrals for Web design clients have already started coming in) 2. Join your local chamber of commerce 3. SEO your website - (I have had clients and lots of proposals sent through my website because of SEO rankings) 4. Create and market a Youtube Video - (I have created youtube videos for my services and my clients, haven't seen any positive results) 5. Respond to Craigslist ads - (I keep coming back to this method and don't know why, haven't had any success in 2 years) 6. Pay Per Click Adwords (Tried this several times and spent about $300, with no leads. I have clients that spend $1,500 per month and generate 1-2 leads per day) 7. Paid Online Press Release - (I send out about 8 PRweb press releases per month and get minimal results, maybe 1-2 leads over a year). 8. LinkedIn - (I have created a SEO Group and got real members up to 42 but barely any interaction besides my posts) 9. Facebook, Twitter - (Some interaction here but no leads have come through social media) 10. Yelp Reviews 11. Local Newspaper Ads 12. Direct Mail - (I sent out 50 postcards expecting maybe 1 or 2 phone calls and received 4-5 over a 3 month period.) 13. Cold Calling 14. Cross Referrals - Work with another vendor in a similar industry Please share your experiences with any marketing strategy that you have tried