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Found 15 results

  1. I need some backlinks vendors, for english-speaking websites, dedicated to financial topics. Business, news, technologies, cryptocurrencies are ok too. Only high-quality websites, not Indian/Pakistani blogs =) Would appreciate some info and contacts of such vendors. Thx!
  2. Hey, When it comes to building white hat links, how much difference does it make to going out and writing a article on a website like Medium.com which is high in trust and authority compared to a guest post that might be relevant but not so much trust and authority, hope you know what I mean. Cheers, Chris
  3. Hey, I'm in need of links in posts from sites with DA 25+, TF 25+ and at least 3years old for my clients in the following niches... Health (laser eye surgery) Beauty (laser hair removal, Botox, men’s hair removal) Medical (cosmetic surgery) Travel Florist / gardening / flowers Web design SEO If you have sites in these niches then please PM me with your list and prices. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hello everyone. I want to raise a subject of getting links from Southeast Asia websites (authoritative). Common situation: you have an english-based website and english-speaking team (US, EU), you develop and start expanding, adding more languages (via translators-freelancers) and target markets (including, for example, malaysian and indonesian markets), and you also start gaining traffic from them. But then you have to face a rather big problem: with your traffic becoming more and more geographically differentiated, your link profile at the same time consists of links from mainly english-based (europe-based) websites. You're either not getting links from other regions at all, or you're not getting them enough. Finally, your link profile are starting to look unnatural and unbalanced. So, what strategies of acquiring good links from southeast asia region do you guys now (in a situation when you don't have a native speaker in your state)? Some tips or/and advices?
  5. Want to buy high quality links from the websites related to education, marketing, blogging, seo and news. Looking forward to get an email with samples. Thanks in advance.
  6. Need links in Articles. Pm me list of links with prices. Need different themes so give me all your examples
  7. DOWNLOAD SEO CONSULTANT PLUGIN FROM https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-consultant/ DOWNLOAD SEO CONSULTANT PLUGIN FROM https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-consultant/
  8. Hello Everyone, I own several sites in the Moving/Relocation market and also a large amount of sites in the Locksmith market as well. I am looking to exchange blog posts with links. We will do it in a fashion that makes them one way links utilizing several sites in the trades. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested. Thanks P.S. if your sites are high enough quality I will be willing to provide the content for the posts on your sites and on our sites as well. Making it very easy on you.
  9. Do You Want To Outrank YOUR Competitors? Unless youve been living under a rock youll already know how powerful PBN's can be. A good PBN is STILL the best way to rank sites- period. If youve been into SEO a while you should know that a good PBN is what top SEO agencies use to rank clients for all kinds of terms, even hard terms like gambling niches. The problem is that until recently youve needed Warren Buffets wallet to get your own good PBN. Have you seen the prices of domains on sale these days? stooopid isnt the word. Domains with good links are so hard to find that prices have just got ridiculous and in doing so out of he reach of a lot of people. Most of you will know that with these last few updates that ranking sites isnt getting any easier. Google have been turning the screw and what works now is links from relevant domains NOT ANY MORE! Im offering TP members the chance to really get going with your own PBN. I can find you domains from RELEVANT niches to be used as your own PBN. Alomst every niche will have sites related to it that dont have owners anymore, but they DO still have links. They might have links from the BBC, DMOZ, webmd, Wikipedia, .EDU sites We can provide you with quality domains, with great stats, clean link profiles and most importantly for a good PBN - niche relevant The Service: You give me your niche, i find relevant domains to that niche. Depending on the stats the price will vary. The primary stat used here will be TF/CF, pagerank isnt that relevant anymore, i know this from my own personal experiences of building PBN from domains with little or no PR. There will be a minimum of TF10 and in case you didnt know, the ratio of TF to CF needs to be quite similar for best results. You can read Majestics findings here but the "closer the value to zero the better the domain". Also these stats are not as easy to manipulate as PR is/was. Why Use Us? Competition Beating Relevance! Authoritative PBN Pass Manual Reviews No More Silly Domain Prices No Need For Monthly Subscriptions like Register Compass, Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, and then still finding poor domains. The relevance is unsurpassed. You can also choose to have these sites rebuilt (if possible) so that they will pass manual reviews. It will not always be possible to rebuild every site but depending on the circumstances it might be possible to make it very similar to how it was. You are getting great domains chosen by our years of experience, weve done al lthe hard work so you dont have to! FAQ Who am i? Im Zen and im a moderator on on Terrys other forum STH. Ive a massive amount of experience in building PBN's and i can save you all the hassle. Do expired domains work for PBN's? YES. YES.. YES. Theres no question about it, as long as the domains you buy have links, they have power (or even link juice) Are these domains checked for SPAM? Yes, absolutely. Any domains found to have had SPAM type links will not be purchased in the 1st place. Anchor text will be manually checked as will links on Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. In the unlikely event of you finding a domain has been spammed just email and we will issue a replacement If a site is rebuilt can it be altered? Once we have we built the site it will be a static HTML site that can be easily changed to add/remove links. If you want further alterations then that is the buyers responsibility. Hosting We buy the domain then transfer it to you. The hosting needs to be set up by you. You can get good hosting around $2 per month. Ask if youre not sure about this. Once you have the site hosted we can add the old site to your hosting via FTP Any Guarantee? We guarantee you will get the domains with the stats you purchase. If you find a domain to be spammed it will be replaced with one of at least equal quality. If we have not provided the service as stated we will offer a full refund. Prices Domains : MIN TF10/CF10 $40 MIN TF20/CF20 $60 To rebuild a site (if possible) $10. Rebuilding will ONLY be done as the site was in wayback archive records. Buy 5 sites get 10% off Buy 10 sites got 15% off How to order: Send an email to gwebstech@yahoo.com, stating your requirements and ill confirm it back with a paypal invoice Heres a typical site from a quick search today, there are sites like this in most every niche you can think of and some of its best links: Feel free to ask any questions about things i might have missed Thanks Zen
  10. I'm in the market for some back linking opportunities ---- Looking for sites that are in the Home Construction, Home building, Real Estate, etc Please email me at {harleepage at charter. net} PR3 and Up Please Thanks, Harlee
  11. I want to buy high quality health niche permanent homepage contextual links. Perhaps a sticky post on the homepage. Please pm me the url's first so that I can check the site's metrics as this will be for a clients website. Many thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi, I am looking to trade links on gaming sites, from PR0 to PR4. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Hi, I am looking to buy links on Spanish websites only. Niche is hobbies, gaming and even just personal website / blogs. PM me with what you can offer including price. Thanks.
  14. One of my clients needs links coming from .se domains but .com will also be welcome. I need to get backlinks or articles for a travelling webpage so webpages talking about that topic would fit perfectly. Thanks in advance.
  15. Looking for Canadian based or themed sites. I will purchase entire sites, blogs or links.