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Found 8 results

  1. LEAD GENERATION SOFTWARE Your website has few visitors day to day. We do not know much about them at the initial stage, they can be identified with their IP address only. No other data is available about the new visitor. Further we could get to know a little of their geographical information. Let's say this new visitor is interested in your website and browses few pages here and there. When this new visitor lands on a specially designed landing page with a form that has call-to-action, this form would collect some information about this visitor. The new visitor who was an IP address now has a name, email, contact information etc, which is collected, making them a known visitor. Along with the call-to-action forms, lead list setup and lead ranking is done to collect and segregate the visitor information and they could be included in certain campaigns that would be appropriate for them. Read More: http://thedigitalbranding.com/marketing-automation-services MARKETING AUTOMATION We automate your website to increase your chance of converting a lead to a brand advocate. The lead scoring system qualifies and allows you to groom the leads. Make your website as your best selling platform with 360 degree marketing automation tool Marketing automation helps businesses reach its customers in an interesting and an engaging way. Get to know your customer, their likes and dislikes and engage them with good quality content. Read More: http://thedigitalbranding.com/marketing-automation-services
  2. Some good methods of using LinkedIn in your B2B Marketing. LinkedIn Marketing Strategies: 19 Ways to Get More Leads on LinkedIn
  3. It's easy and complex at the same time. I started with wieight loss niche in my native language. Started with a Seo course and Lead Generation with a simple opt in page after. The traffic arrived slowly but it converted. After it was the turn of Fb Ads, just launched by FB. (yes i did not do adwords cause i wanted to learn seo and focus on it before). It was the time when fb ads were not so regulated so the ads about weight loss, expecially in a foreign language, are all allowed. So i implemented after a while also fb ads. I gained my 10 first customers IN A ROW (i sold 10 customer a lot before but i consider the ones with ads the first ones cause of rapidity), in a couple of days. Then i realized that Email Marketing and Lead Generation is the best type of business and focus on it. Learning copywriting etc. and today constantly improving. I shifted from trafficwave to getresponse to activecampaign and now im considering Sendlane. I've sold items before in 2003-2010, through ebay, brutal sell in clickbank, affiliation, but i dont consider these people as MY CUSTOMERS, cause they become the company's customers, i did not retrieve their mail so i did not have any relationship with them. So now my entire business focus on Email Marketing. All the other depends on it, and i think focusin is one of the key to better do things. And you? how did you start?
  4. Is all the work you are doing on social media resulting in actual sales? What part of your social media activities is resulting in the best ROI on your time and effort? Do you know or are you just "guessing"? To actually KNOW what efforts are working and what are not you need to make sure you are using the proper analytics and tracking so you are not wasting your time and energy on unproductive activities. Social Media Metrics for Tracking Your Lead Nurture Funnel
  5. A very interesting test result over at thinkgrowth.org. They found out they get better results giving out cupcakes than iPads. It is a quick read and more than a little counter intuitive. The Greatest Marketing Growth Hack of All Time (Hint: Cupcakes)
  6. Some good points on when and when not to use video backgrounds on your landing pages. http://unbounce.com/design/do-video-backgrounds-help-or-hurt-conversions/
  7. Are you really serious about learning the most effective lead generation tactics in 2015? Methods which are guaranteed to enhance your lead generation results instantly? By using these 9 straightforward lead generation tactics, you'll learn exactly how easy it can be to produce those leads that are like gold dust, and even better which you will learn exactly how you can get them in almost no time at all! Okay, so before we get started… Why should you focus on improving your conversions and producing as many new leads as you can, using your blog? The answer is simple – More Leads = More Sales = More Money! (The Money Is In Your List!) Easy! Right? Now click here 9 best lead generation ideas for your blog in 2015 to get started! Contents 1. Design – your destiny 2. Mobile optimization 3. Get a need for Speed! 4. Get busy on Twitter Take advantage of Followerwonk Promote your tweets Twitter Lead Cards 5. Opt-in Forms (It’s all in your list) Sidebar of your blog Within your blog post End of your blog post Feature Box Lightbox pop-up 6. Go crazy for video Take advantage of Wistia Turnstile 7. Target YOUR audience Social Media Forums Web 2.0 & file sharing sites 8. Stop selling & start helping 9. Be persistent
  8. I'm getting ready to launch a case study where I'll be building a new niche site from scratch. I'll be sharing all the strategies I use to build and grow the site over time. I just wanted to make this post to get your input on how you'd like to see a niche case study like this proceed. I'm even open to suggestions on the niche to target. The main point is to test out some of the popular strategies for social media, and seo to see if we can build a site naturally. Let me know if this is something that you'd be interested in following. Cheers!