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Found 1 result

  1. HI there, Up until recently I was getting TONS of traffic from YouTube. I've had my channel for about 5 or 6 years, only in the past year it really started smoking. I was up to about 600,000 views per month, and I was getting tons of signups to my list from YT traffic. AND people really loved my content, and it helped me sell lots of stuff on my site, due to my YT reputation. But then BAM! I'm BANNED FOR LIFE from YouTube, violating terms and conditions, not sure why. Sent an email begging for help but I don't expect much. The GOOD NEWS is I've still got all the content on my hard drive that made me a YT rock star. My Question: What is the best way / place to upload this content that I already KNOW people love (and are sending me emails asking me WTF?), so I can get what I've lost? I've got about 200, thirty minute hypnosis type vids (or MP3's as the case may be) that I need to get back out there as quickly and efficiently (from a marketing, conversion, branding standpoint) as possible. As it stands now, I'm organizing all my content to re-upload to DailyMotion, but I'm open to ideas. At worst, this may be just a month or so glitch, before things get rolling again. But it could be a Golden Opportunity (of what I don't know yet). Any ideas? Thanks! George