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Found 7 results

  1. I have a few Google News approved domains (US, UK, India, France, Italy, and other countries). If you will be interesting this offer write me a pm or bellow the line. Write me which countries and languages you are interested in and maybe I can offer you something interesting. Payment through Escrow. For example: 1. ********.com - 10 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 2. Sold. 3. Sold. 4. Sold. 5. Sold. 6. ******status.com - 19 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: Law/Legal 7. ****.de - 8 letters / Country: Germany / Language: German / Theme: Finance/Politics 8. ******.com - 15 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 9. Sold. 10. *******press.com - 25 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 11. Sold. 12. Sold. 13. *******.com - 10 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 14. *******gamers.net - 12 letters / Country: Italy / Language: It / Theme: Games 15. *****cars.co.uk - 7 letters / Country: UK / Language: Eng / Theme: Cars 16. ****help.cc - 7 letters / Country: Austria / Language: German / Theme: General/Education 17. *******-bericht.de - 16 letters / Country: Germany / Language: German / Theme: Finance ----------------------------- This list will be updated. Email: phillypurge-at-gmail.com
  2. Helloo, I am giwing google news submission service to many seo companies or people who like to submit their websites to google news. I have 3 years of experiance in this field and I am now selling google news approved news portals. I sell 3-5 sites every month and non of my clients are unhappy about my sites. Most of them earning the money they pay to site in their first months. I am not using sites l will sell after google news submission, soo please dont ask me traffic or profit for the sites l sell. All the sites l sell is zero traffic, never used and not profitting sites. I am doing this cos at the beginning some of the clients asked this from me, they said they want 0 km sites without any articles published or any sites never spammed or published many articles daily. All my sites are 0 km, never used and ready to earn lots of profits every day. You can come and ask my clients and their sites they profit. You can add my skype : rcpkrc@msn.com | http://www.googlenewssites.com/ You can ask any of your questions there... Best regards....
  3. Do you have google news listed site for sale?.. Finance or General Niche ... If have any pm the list and prices please
  4. Looking to buy Google news and Bing news websites. If any one have, PM me. I need more websites, send website URL and price
  5. Looking at selling a site i have that is listed in google news. The site is developed with content. Looking for at least $1000 PM me for more details. Thanks
  6. We have a number of G NEWS US approved domains for sale. Our prices are cheapest in the market starting just @ $2500. You can add us on Skype using the email: buy@buygooglenewssite.com or leave a PM here and we will get back to you ASAP. Remember, if you know the potential of G News domains and don't want to spend months getting domains approved, we have it all ready for you on a platter. All you have to do is reach out and you can get your own G NEWS US approved site in blink of an eye. We have over 150+ satisfied clients and you could be one of them. Just drop us a line here or add us on Skype and we will get the ball rolling.
  7. This website is 7 letter brandable domain. USA approved Google News for months. Niche is Business/Finance but name is generic enough for many niches.(starts with "money") Website is not monetized. Best for someone who wants to get started quickly and does not have to wait for months to know whether site got approved or not. Payment through Escrow. You can make offers starting from $2.7k. Price rational: It takes at least 500-600+ news articles with at least 3-5 months of regular publication history to have a good chance of approval. Even then there is almost decent chance of rejection on various grounds. This will help you to get started in instant and you will get thousands of visitors as soon as you start publishing content, You can monetize using adsense or CPA/affiliate in business/finance niche. Background: It was a JV. The original plan was to use this news portal to grow email list in financial niche. But,the other partner is not able to give enough time for the conversion funnel due to personal issues. Ideally,I would look for another JV partner but I decided to let it go. Contact: PM me with your offer or question. You can add stevejones003 in Skype.