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Found 33 results

  1. hello friends, how to send bulk emails at a time? help me plz...
  2. I have tried many different strategies for e-mail marketing. Only 1 out of 100 of my emails I blast out, convert into a sale and I have well over 1,000 email subscribers. Take in mind, I have tried many online strategies. From focusing on subject lines, personalized emails, seasonal, you name it. Does anyone have their own unique personal success they can speak about? Thank you
  3. If you are looking to increase the results of your email marketing this is a good article to take a look at. Well written with some good info. How We Increased Engagement for Our Onboarding Emails by 1213.3% (and How You Can Too)
  4. Having problems with your email conversion rates? This article can lend you a helping hand with some good examples of what you should probably be doing. How to Craft the Perfect Email Call-to-Action (+ Examples)
  5. Some excellent examples of emails you should be sending out to the customers of your eCommerce site. 5 Customer Retention Emails You Should Be Sending Today (w/ Examples)
  6. Been awhile since I posted anything on email marketing. Check out this article to make sure you are maximizing your email efforts for the best conversions. Email Marketing Campaign Best Practices in 2018 : 6 Tips You’ve Ever Seen
  7. Segmentation of your email list by actions and behavior is something we have talked about in a couple of different threads. A decent getting started article on the subject over on the kissmetrics site. While the article is somewhat geared towards their service you can use what the article talks about with your service as long as it has the needed functions. Getting Started with Behavioral Email Marketing
  8. Some of this most of you probably know but worth the read especially if you have not really gotten all that far into your list building and email marketing. 17 Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales
  9. Some good info on increasing your open rates and conversions on your email campaigns. Don’t Read This Post: How to Write Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines Using Persuasion Triggers
  10. It's easy and complex at the same time. I started with wieight loss niche in my native language. Started with a Seo course and Lead Generation with a simple opt in page after. The traffic arrived slowly but it converted. After it was the turn of Fb Ads, just launched by FB. (yes i did not do adwords cause i wanted to learn seo and focus on it before). It was the time when fb ads were not so regulated so the ads about weight loss, expecially in a foreign language, are all allowed. So i implemented after a while also fb ads. I gained my 10 first customers IN A ROW (i sold 10 customer a lot before but i consider the ones with ads the first ones cause of rapidity), in a couple of days. Then i realized that Email Marketing and Lead Generation is the best type of business and focus on it. Learning copywriting etc. and today constantly improving. I shifted from trafficwave to getresponse to activecampaign and now im considering Sendlane. I've sold items before in 2003-2010, through ebay, brutal sell in clickbank, affiliation, but i dont consider these people as MY CUSTOMERS, cause they become the company's customers, i did not retrieve their mail so i did not have any relationship with them. So now my entire business focus on Email Marketing. All the other depends on it, and i think focusin is one of the key to better do things. And you? how did you start?
  11. As always some good info from the Marketing Experiments team. Email Marketing: 9 testing opportunities to generate big wins on your next email test [Part 1]
  12. Four good examples of using emails to get back those customers that abandon your online store. 4 Automated Email Responses With Insanely High Conversion Rates
  13. Some very good information on how and when to use the email for your eCommerce business. As always even if you are running a non-eCommerce business you can use a lot of the information as well. E-Commerce Email Frequency Made Simple (A Data-Driven Guide)
  14. You can find a link to part one at: https://trafficplanet.com/topic/10838-email-marketing-9-testing-opportunities-to-generate-big-wins-part-1/ Email Marketing: 7 (more) testing opportunities to generate big wins on your next email test [Part 2]
  15. Some very good examples of quality email marketing campaigns and what makes them stand out. Very informative.. 7 of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016
  16. Some very good lead magnet examples and why they work. You should be able to pull some good ideas on how to apply them to your business and improve your list building. The 17 Best Lead Magnet Examples For Lead Generation in 2017
  17. whats up guys, I will be showing you how to build an email list of 1000 subscribers in less than 48 hrs. You are probably well aware of what I am about to show you but if you’re not, then read this post to the very end Let’s map out a simple TO DO LIST 1. Create a freebie product 2. Sign up for an Email marketing tool 3. Set up a list of Autoresponders/ broadcast emails 4. Design a converting Landing Page 5. Send Traffic to landing page. 1. Create A Freebie Product The first thing you have to do is create a free product to give to subscribers in exchange of their email address. Now, I did not say buy, I said create. Some people tell you to simply buy some crappy PLR product and slam it to subscribers in exchange for their emails. News Flash! They also slam you with crappy emails. 2. Sign Up For An Email Marketing Tool So, the first thing you want to do is choose an email marketing tool or service. Getresponse costs a fee of about $15 monthly but the great thing is they offer a 30 day free trial to do as you please with no restrictions whatsoever. You could start off with that (especially if you are new to all this) in order to get your feet wet and if you are pleased with the service you can continue paying the monthly fee and if not you can always close the account and request all your email subscribers be exported. Now, I would like to show you another Email tool I use to set up lists of autoresponder emails in wordpress for life. What this means is unlimited messages and NO monthly fees. This is a snippet of the main article [READ FULL ARTICLE USING THE LINK IN THE SIGNATURE]
  18. Some useful email templates from HubSpot that you can add to your email marketing. Definitely worth checking out and bookmarketing 23 Follow-Up Sales Email Templates to Send Instead of "Just Checking In"
  19. Things to look out for when working on your emails. Nothing hugely deep but more of a list to keep in mind when setting up your emails and campaigns. 9 Easy-to-Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes
  20. Some very good things to look at to increase your email marketing conversions. 8 Science-Backed Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Conversions
  21. Hi Guys, I was just wondering how does these Guru's send traffic to their opt-in Box. Let's I have a "Health Related" Clickbank product to promote. I can design an opt-in box with instapge, leadpages or whatever it is. The Next question comes to my mind is, how do I send traffic to this opt-in? I have no list, no JV. Your honest answers will be highly appreciated Cheers
  22. Im going to post a very good course about List Building made by a reputable company: Leadpages. I think this could be useful: https://lptraining.leadpages.net/email-list-building-aff/ Im not in any manner affiliate with Leadpages. Only this is my niche, list building, and i found it good to view and download, and, FREE WITHOUT OPT-IN. Hope this is useful for the Community.
  23. You need to make sure that you have very clear goals at each step of you testing process. 5 A/B Testing Tactics that Improve Your Email Campaign Performance
  24. I found this interesting article: This CEO runs a billion-dollar company with no offices or email What do you think about this statement AFTER reading? "I think email is definitely on its way out, between things like P2 and Slack, which is a work place chat tool. Email just has so many things wrong with it. I've never heard anyone who've said they love email, they want more of it — have you? Imagine if, in your company, instead of email, everyone could post and comment on a blog. Different groups or teams could have their own space on it, but fundamentally everything was tagged and traceable and transparent. That's kind of what P2 looks like. " Do you think that mail is going to be replaced soon with a sort of "real-time" messaging? Or do you think that people who avoid mail are in fact the people without a job or money, and of course not in target with internet or email marketing?
  25. Unsure exactly how important all those email analytics are or even what all those numbers and percentages really mean? Here is an article that breaks a lot of those numbers down and makes them understandable. https://glockapps.com/blog/understanding-deliverability-metrics/ .