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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, guys! I compiled a list with legit ways to make money online. 1) Make money as a freelance writer 2) Make money as a Freelance Social Media Marketer 3) Make money as a freelance translator 4) Make money as an SEO Expert 5) Make money as an affiliate 6) Make money by blogging 7) Make money with Software 8) Data Entry From Home 9) Make money as an Influencer 10) Join a Remote Company Also, I interviewed a bunch of people who make decent money with the described methods. Check what they say here - https://digitalnovas.com/make-money-online/
  2. Hello, I am looking to see if there would be anyone interested in writing 700+ word blogs for my website. It is related the medical industry. If you feel you are a good fit please contact me here or in private message. Thank you
  3. If you want to get the most out of your content this is an article you should read and then read again. An excellent write up on what to do, how to do it, and what tools to use. What Is Content Amplification (Including 30+ Content Amplification Tools)
  4. A great write up on creating case studies over on the co schedule blog. A good case study can drive your SEO and traffic and if you are not using them you probably should be. How to Write a Powerful Case Study Fast With 35 Examples
  5. A pretty good article on using Visual Content to improve your social media campaigns. It should go without saying that you can use these methods to improve the rest of your content marketing as well but I will say it anyway. 16 Types of Visual Content to Revitalize Your Social Media Marketing
  6. A very good checklist of things to do before allowing guest posts on your site. 6 Things You Must Do Before You Ever Accept Guest Posts
  7. WordPress without a doubt is an influential content management system that allows people to build user-friendly websites in a few minutes. It offers a ton of powerful themes, plugins, and tools that let you create pretty much anything. Despite all these features, WordPress has some severe pitfalls that can affect your online presence. Read The Post: https://www.adngin.com/blog/blogging-best-practices/wordpress-users-beware-19-disadvantages-using-wordpress/
  8. I am very glad to share my income report with you. This is my second month of blogging and I started earning from the first month of blogging. Previous month I earned about $150+ but this time income directly jumps to $350+ You can view my report over here If you want any consulting then you can contact me.
  9. What is your content marketing missing? Another question that can set you on a better path. One Thing is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It
  10. A very good article over at HubSpot on using video on your blog to increase traffic and conversions. How to Transform Your Blog Content into Compelling Videos
  11. This actually looks like it would work pretty well. I am going to try and test it this week and will let you guys and gals know how it goes. If anyone else gives this a try post in the thread and let us know how it went. How to Convert Blog Posts into Engaging Videos for Social Media
  12. Figured this would be an interesting contribution to this section, since this method is Google-free. Forum traffic is really targeted and from people who are incredibly passionate about the topic at hand. But most people use either signature links or just spam forums, which we all know isn't all that effective. At best, some people post links where it's relevant and helpful (which is a good idea, but niche forums aren't too crazy about people posting lots of links so it still comes off as spammy). This post uses a Traffic Planet thread from Matthew Woodward as an example, so it should be easy to follow: http://www.inboundwisdom.com/forum-traffic-funnel/ This works really well on niche forums. Most people aren't using that traffic in an intelligent manner, so the market is still pretty wide open. Haven't heard about this specific method posted anywhere else before. Thoughts? Any ways to make this even better? I've used it on a few niche (non-IM) forums and, when my threads have been helpful enough to gain traction, it's worked pretty well.
  13. Success in online content monetization is a long, hard struggle. It is known. And the net is dark and full of obstacles on your way to profiting from online content creation and curation. The Strategy to The Iron Throne In many ways, the online publishing arena is similar to the complex web of power struggles between the Great Houses of Westeros. Everyone wants more influence, more people and more money (or tits and wine, if you’re Tyrion). But there’s just not enough for everyone. As an online publisher or blogger, you have to craft your own throne, in your own kingdom - your niche of choice. And you probably don’t want to use the swords of your vanquished enemies. Just looking at that throne makes our backs hurt. In building your own personal throne you want to use the right combination of skill, optimization and creativity. But each publisher is different, just as every GoT house is different. So how would each Great House of The Seven Kingdoms approach online content monetization? And what would their tactics be? House Lannister - Hear Me Roar! - Buzzy Viral Content & Arbitrage The Lannister house is the wealthiest and fairest (in the show, even the half-man Tyrion is a good looking man), literally sitting on the gold in their mines. Or so they’d like us to think, anyway. As publishers, their passion for perfection and beauty is likely to draw them toward visual content that catches the eye and light content that goes viral fast. Although pretty and attractive, the goal of the Lannister type publishers is to make money fast and often settle for lesser quality content in favor of more traffic. Some of which they will buy. House Stark - Winter is Coming - News, Guides & Reviews The biggest and strongest house in the North is one for tradition. The Starks worship the old Gods and put honor before profit or even life. Their traditionalism doesn’t win them many fans in King’s Landing, but it’s the main reason for the support the Starks get from the smaller houses of the North. In the publishing world, the Starks are the old-school journalists, still fighting for the honor and integrity of the profession in the changing media landscape. Their niches of choice will often be news, reviews, how-to guides and tutorials. As publishers of informative and honest content, Stark publishers may shy away from monetization techniques like content marketing to preserve their prestige. House Tyrell - Growing Strong - Social Media & Original Content As wealthy as the Lannisters, the Tyrells rule the Reach - the most populated area of Westeros. And they are all about the growth. But as their rose sigil implies - they have their thorns. Another thing the Tyrells are well known for are their luxurious and events in honor of the Seven Gods. If the Tyrells were to establish a content publishing business, there’s no doubt their power would lie in social media and a large and loyal audience of followers. In addition, by offering hearty meals of quality content and entertainment to the people, the Tyrells are bound to gain more and more followers. And organic growth through viral distribution. The Tyrells put a lot of importance in ceremony, courteous speech and manners, but in reality, they tend to be very ambitions and are more than likely to stab an enemy in the back than face them in battle. House Targaryen - Fire and Blood - Thought Leadership Once, they were the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms and the legends claim they have dragons’ blood in their veins. But it was their hubris that brought them down. And their dragons went extinct. As publishers, Targaryens would likely be attracted to thought leadership as they believe to be above the Gods themselves. That’s why they could easily become the victims of their own sense of superiority and confidence. They might also rely too much on “doing whatever works†and narrowing their focus too much, creating incestious content creations that can either be hits in their niches, or damage their efforts. Your people will abandon you if you fail too much, no matter how long your name is, Khaleesi. Or how glorious your past is. The Dragons may look like awesome pets to have, but they can only get you so far. Don’t be an overconfident Targaryen. You don’t really want to step into the fire and discovered you didn’t inherit the fire-proof gene. House Greyjoy - We Do Not Sow - Content Curation Far from the intrigues of King’s Landing, live the Greyjoys. Blunt, harsh and weathered by the storms of the Iron Isles, Greyjoys prefer to rob and take than pay for what they want. These ruthless pirates are not beyond stealing content shamelessly. Or in better cases - just curate content from lesser publishers and live off that alone. If you suspect you know a publisher like that, be sure to tell them that sowing really isn’t that bad. Grow your own, man! A Song of Ads and Traffic As long as there’s digital advertising, the struggle will continue. And much like the nobles of Westeros, you’ll need to be lucky and creative. Enjoy the full post
  14. Hey, guys I created a 14,000+ words long tutorial about how to set up a WordPress blog, how to get traffic and how to make money with your blog or website - the complete guide! In this tutorial, you will learn: - How to Choose Your Domain Name and Get It For Free - How to Get the Best Hosting For Your Domain - How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog - How to Find The Best Design For Your Blog - How to Optimize Your Blog For SEO - How to Make It Secure & Automatically Backed Up - Blogging Best Practices - How to Get Traffic to Your Blog - How to Make Money From Your blog - How To Optimize Your Time Even if you have a blog or a website there are 100+ ideas how to get more traffic and make money! Get the post here - http://fortunelords.com/start-a-blog/
  15. Optimizing for higher ad revenues per each visitor session is crucial if you want to truly maximize your ad revenue. But sometimes that’s just not enough cause where there’s revenue there are also expenses. At the most basic level, AdSense publishers can be lumped into two categories. The first, are the “nice to have†crowd. For them, AdSense is just a tool to make a few extra bucks to cover hosting costs and some expenses while publishing content (mostly) for content’s sake. They’re a lot more focused on getting their message out than they are on making money from the ads around it. If you’re one of “those publishers†you can expect us to always say hi in the hallway but will probably criticize your choice of sandwich behind your back. The second type are the “professional†AdSense publishers. They treat online publishing as a business. One with a growth strategy and clearly defined goals of maximizing profit margins on content creation and curation. If that sounds anything like you, you can expect us to chat you up in the hallway until you’re eventually forced to make up an excuse to get away from us and awkwardly walk away. Reaching Publisher Nirvana If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know a lot of our content has to do with AdSense optimization for higher revenues. It’s kind of what we do. So we talk talk about it, a lot. Reaching the ad optimization “sweet spot†is the first step, but in order to reach the perfect balance of “Publisher Nirvana†there’s another “sweet spot†you should be looking for: production ROI. Publishing is a business like any business. You invest time, money, and effort in producing and marketing a product (content, in your case) and you profit from its consumption (through content monetization techniques). That’s a no-brainer. So while you’re working to bring in more money, you should also be making efforts to spend less. At this point you might be thinking: “Yes, but if I spend less, I will create an inferior product, which will not only reduce consumption and profits as a result, but also damage the brand.†Sheesh, When you did get so smart? Are you a publisher or a marketer? Yes, you’re right. Crappy content is the last thing you want in your publication, and content quality is really the last place you should be cutting corners. But have no fear! We have plenty of tips to help you reduce average production costs while still offering your audience superior value. Read the full post here!
  16. Hello guys, I recently posted this at Internet Marketing Club but wanted to share the short version with my friends here on Traffic Planet. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to write viral blog posts and start getting more shares, comments and backlinks, you might want to follow these steps: 1.- Look for topic ideas that have proven results in the past Most people just write about any promising keyword that they find in the keyword planner. Unfortunately, find good keywords isn't far enough to write converting blog posts. In order to create a powerful article you need to look for keywords that already have proven results. How? Really simple. First you need to go to BuzzSumo and type any keyword or keyword phrase related to your blog (e.g. article marketing, SEO, link building strategies). Then Buzzsumo will show you a list of the most popular blog posts related to the keyword you just typed (we're talking about thousands of comments and social shares). Now, select one of the most converting blog posts on the list and then go to Open Site Explorer. Enter your selected article and click "Top Pages" Now you have a HUGE list of topic ideas that already have proven results. 2.- Select a topic and IMPROVE it Once you've a list of topic ideas, you need to start improving on them. Basically, you need to look for imperfections on those articles and just create a superior. There are a few key factors that will help you improve your articles: 1.- Content length The serpIQ claims that content rich blogs are more likely to high rank in the search engines, and Google seems to agree. If we take a look at the image below, we'll find that the top 10 average results have more than 1500 words. Also, if you take a look at this Neil Patel's blog post, you'll find that long content is more likely to rack up a lot of social shares. 2.- Design and content structure Nobody wants to share ugly websites. There are three ways to improve your article's design: a) Developing custom images for your articles. If you are not a designer, you can just download PowerPoint and watch some Youtube videos in order to educate you about creating custom images on PowerPoint. Or if you have a design budget, hire someone else to do it for you. Structuring your content. You can inserting bullet points or adding several heading within your content. c) Hiring a freelancer You can go to Odesk or Elance and find someone to help you design your blogs. 3.- Social Proof, reference sources and quality content If you take a look at some articles on the net, you'll find that almost all of them have low quality or useless information. So, if you take the time to find quality information and create a top-notch piece, probably you'll see results faster. Also, you might want to add some social proof to your content. Don't worry, if you don't have results yet, you can borrow them. How to Structure Your Content 1.- Create a compelling headline 2.- Manage to write an attractive intro 2.- Add several subheadings within your text 3.- Insert some killer bullet points 4.- Share stories 5.- Develop custom images 6.- Write down a powerful conclusion 7.- Add a call to action Hope this strategy helps you folks!
  17. Are you really serious about learning the most effective lead generation tactics in 2015? Methods which are guaranteed to enhance your lead generation results instantly? By using these 9 straightforward lead generation tactics, you'll learn exactly how easy it can be to produce those leads that are like gold dust, and even better which you will learn exactly how you can get them in almost no time at all! Okay, so before we get started… Why should you focus on improving your conversions and producing as many new leads as you can, using your blog? The answer is simple – More Leads = More Sales = More Money! (The Money Is In Your List!) Easy! Right? Now click here 9 best lead generation ideas for your blog in 2015 to get started! Contents 1. Design – your destiny 2. Mobile optimization 3. Get a need for Speed! 4. Get busy on Twitter Take advantage of Followerwonk Promote your tweets Twitter Lead Cards 5. Opt-in Forms (It’s all in your list) Sidebar of your blog Within your blog post End of your blog post Feature Box Lightbox pop-up 6. Go crazy for video Take advantage of Wistia Turnstile 7. Target YOUR audience Social Media Forums Web 2.0 & file sharing sites 8. Stop selling & start helping 9. Be persistent
  18. I've spent years on Instagram trying to figure out what generally does and doesn't work when creating a post. Different images, captions, lighting, filters, and so on. Nothing is really consistent. However, what I did note were my top 5 rules of thumb to follow from then to now. 1) Post Quality Photos 2) Use Engaging Captions 3) Shake Things Up 4) Don't Force Content 5) Engagement Requires Interaction http://www.ofmiceandmenswear.com/social-media/5-tips-to-engage-on-instagram
  19. We gathered a list with the best free blogging platforms during the last months. The list contains is daily tested and contains websites with: High autorithy Below Alexa 100k - 99% of the websites Strict moderation Your post is Indexed in Google even without building links or pinging Huge CMS diversity Your blog is not deleted without a warning And most important feature is top 10 rankings in niches up to 200,000 monthly searches with just this list alone. Note: Use good content, not a crappy $1-2 articles. The Best Blogging Platforms