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  1. No updates in over a month. Is this offer still valid? Is the network ok, or it got affected by any more deindexing?
  2. Does this tool work for you? http://net-peak.com/software/netpeak-checker/ It gives me n/f for ahrefs and other metrics, although if I manually check, I see some stats on ahrefs website. so.... is it broken or what?
  3. This video is 1 year old. Is this still working?
  4. Oh.. He's the owner of the forum, I see Well, that's my bad. I'm new here. Thanks. I'll check his course
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm still trying to figure out who's terry
  6. Great thread. I'm new to this "private networks" thing, but it seems interesting and maybe, reliable, in the long term. So, I think I would like to start my own private network with just 5-10 sites for now.. The problem is, I didn't find any great article that explains all the details. Maybe there are some general tips, like: buy expired domains, host them on different companies, add content, build links to them, put links to your site and that's all. The problem is, it's not that easy, I guess. It would be too nice to be so simple. I mean.. for example: 1) Should you use general websites, or targeted ones? For example I want to rank multiple websites in one niche, it would be better that all my network sites are related. But again, won't this look spammy? Maybe once in a while, a non-related link is good. 2) I guess it's better to host them separately, with different hosting companies, because even though you can get different C class IPs from one company, the dns and hosting company details are the same in whois. 3) When do you put the links to your site? You just put immediately an article with a link to your site? Or maybe add 5-10 articles, then add one linking to your site? 4) Do you link only to your site? Won't that look strange? Or in the same article you link out to other sources as well, maybe trusted ones, like wikipedia, etc? 5) When do you start building links to your network sites? How do you build them? Obviously you don't want to use the same service for each site, because you'll end up linking from the same sites to your network, and will leave a footprint. And probably there are more questions. Is there a complete how-to guide on building a private network from scratch?
  7. But... it seems like the 301 redirect sends also the penalty, so if you redirect penalized sites, won't they redirect the penalty also?