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  1. It is probably best to use only blogs that are relevant to your niche, personally i have used fast blog finder to some success... but google works quite good as well. You can use google to find new blog posts just type a search term that might relate to your niche and then under search tools select within the last week. If you have a tool like scrapebox it makes it even easier by adding footprints and finding blogs to comment on. Just dont rely solely on blog comments you only need a few per week, if you hire a service your likely to get a hundred in a short amount of time most probably with a lot of OBLs. Just make sure to mix up your campaign with other types of links like Web2.0s, contextual links from blogs etc..
  2. Yea I agree SEOlion, some of these requests i see on freelancer sites are laughable, they want first page rankings for a few hundred or expect loads of high quality links for a cheap price. Heck if that was possible I would be requesting that service myself. To be honest I havent even tried to dive into those freelance sites like Odesk, freelancer, elance for work and Ive been doing this over 7 years... The issue I see is there is so much competition and foreign countries are much lowered price not to mention when first starting out you literally have no reputation or feedback. As for feedback on the OPs concern, as a provider I usually keep in contact with my clients on a normal basis to give them updates whats going on and notify them of any ranking changes etc.... most of the time this works out well because when people pay money for a service they want to see results and know whats going on with the money they paid to you. Also those low rates are possible because the cost of living in those areas, its much different than something you would see in the states or uk or more developed countries. But a lot of times you can expect their techniques or education to be lower than what you would find with regular agencies or companies... but once in awhile you can find someone good in those places.
  3. There are a few options if you want quality blogs, either guest blogging where in some niches can be free to get the post on their blog or they charge a fee. Of course you would still have to pay the provider for the writing + inclusion. Or those blogs with pagerank (pr1+) but not as much traffic, which are you looking for?
  4. Warrior Forum Sold To Freelancer.com

    One thing they did was lower the price of WSOs down to $20... not sure if that is a good choice considering the large amount of WSOs as it is + all the bumps.
  5. Great video, I only used tumblr once for one post and never did more then that. Ill have to mess around more.
  6. Im doing some work for a travel site now related to accommodations, we are working on Guest blogging for a client. The thing you may realize is most decent blogs wont allow commercialized guest blogs they want real stories. So there is ways around that by writing up stories and promoting your blog (linked to your main site) in the blog post bio. if you want to use guest blogging for more commercialized reasons they usually will charge you in this niche. If you want something similar let me know and I can offer that. Also as for keywords if you check my blog in my signature I just wrote up a post about Keyword Research tools and some other tools besides Google that you can use to get more ideas.
  7. Sounds like a good plan, on your list 2-4 should be done on a regular basis social marketing by updating facebook and building links continually. In the long run maybe you can also utilize a mailing list, get people on your list to send updates.
  8. Good idea to contact them and ask them, gives you a form for a great post. Now we should ask Matt cutts the same question and show him the post for his opinion
  9. There is a lot of people who can simply analyze your on page SEO... Even at fiverr if you want to be cheap. If you want me to take a look let me know just send me a PM. 7 Years experience here.
  10. How Do You Send Traffic To Your Email Opt-in Form?

    If you have the money, ive used FB ads to send traffic to my opt in... Of course for my opt in I have a free course. If you dont have something free it might be a bit harder to convert. You can also try bing.
  11. Private Blog Networks seem to be popular now, and of course more of a lean towards social signals. And also utilize expired domains with pagerank.
  12. Should I buy Facebook Likes for my site?

    An alternative to buying like is just use that money and use FB ads and you can promote your page or new posts that way. You can setup FB ads so that people will like or comment on your FB page. The only benefit of purchasing fb likes is purely cosmetic and just to show you have "this many" fans.
  13. Penguin recovery service

    There is no easy way about it, you could try getting some quality links that dont focus on those keywords but instead use your brand name or simply .com as your anchor text. The only thing is there is no guarantee it will work. I have seen others as well with this same problem just get lower quality links but promote other keywords such as long tail and generic keywords so you can Dilute the high percentage of your main keywords being used.
  14. You really do need custom domains and spread out the blogs over a few different C Class ips... depending on how many blogs you have you should have around a 10:1 ratio or even better for the C class ips. If you go with free blogs they can be caught much easier if you have a network of blogs and eventually they will get shut down ive seen it happen before... Lastly it will be hard to give reports for your clients if you are using this network to sell article inclusion fees... I find this will also protect the integrity of the blogs.
  15. to be honest I think a site with less diversity in their link profile will suffer more from a site with low relevancy. I have been checking some sites out and seen a bunch with links from non relevant sites and their #1. To be truthful though cant really figure it out because i see one thing such as a site with all low quality links and their #1, so who knows. In some search results im astonished at how much the results have changed from just over a week ago.