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  1. I know I have not been around much due to medical reasons but I was surprised to see the lack of traffic and new threads in here. It seems the old content is still being used by the Guests that I see online so I was just wondering. I'm just curious and I don't want to upset the apple cart ifthis is by design. Thanks Buddy
  2. Can I provide you with a program to try? Free of course..
  3. bshearer

    Google Authorship

    Glad to see a couple of the example posts showing coding. That tells me I am right on track. Their own tool tells me my site is okay. However, after 6 months, I think my site should be in their system. But it's not. I am not new to this IM world or site building. My site does not have black hat links pointing to it (at least not by me). By all accounts it is an old domain and all 100+ pages are still indexed and according to Google it has a PR1. If I am the only person having this problem then fine I'll live with but I know that others are having the same issue. If it were so easy to setup then we wold be seeing hundreds of sites showing up in the SERPs but I'm not seeing it. I see 1-2 of the same ole faces in my niche. Google does have some good things. No doubt about that. But WHY isn't this in the Webmasters area. They have my Analytics, they have my Adsense account, I register my sites, and I can even see when they spider my sites. HECK, I can even de-index useless and dead pages on my site. But telling me what the actual problem is appears to be too difficult. It just seems to me, if they want to spread the love of G+ then they need to step up their game.
  4. bshearer

    Google Authorship

    Thumbs down from me. It's a gamed system produced by Google. Sorry to be a downer but unless the system can be setup easily and implemented fairly it's a rats nest. My site has been setup for months now and has passed all verifications. So until Google provides a way to assist sites (as in offering a honest report pointing to the actual problem) it's a "Who You Know" sort of scam.
  5. Great read Terry! Since finding this site I have REALLY enjoyed it. I agree with your comments about Richard as well. As a Mod myself on a niche site I know what he has to deal with so Kudos to him and much respect. Keep up the great work guys! Buddy
  6. bshearer

    Talking about AGE.

    Well now I know! Thanks Richard. I wish I had known way back in 2006 that I would need the authority today. LOL Lesson learned! Buddy
  7. What constitutes an Aged Domain? Having an old domain, (at least older than the competition's website), if it were to become an Authority site as well as getting the right established backlinks for its niche could that push it up in the SERPs? As you might be able to guess. I do have an old domain which is brandable at this point and is at least 3 years older than my competition. While I am in the process (slow & natural) of building my site up to be an Authority site I was wondering if there was anything else on the backside that might help push me up the SERPs. Keeping this upward slide is my goal and I want avoid BH techniques. Thanks! Buddy
  8. bshearer

    Looking for some honest opinions

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it! You never know if something will be a hit or not unless you get honest feedback. Just so you know it was created using a new plugin for UBot Studio that has the capability of taking a snapshot. I did this over a thirty day time frame and then I created a Jing movie and that is what you see. So the actual image scraping capability is there and programmable. I was just looking for a practical use for the effect itself. So if any thoughts pop in your head about that throw it my way and I will develop it for you. Thanks again! Buddy
  9. I agree with you Ted. What REALLY irratates me is that the Mods over at WF are as evil as some of the scammers there. They remind me of the editors at DMOZ; evil and corrupt. Maybe not all of them but many of them are.
  10. bshearer

    Looking for some honest opinions

    It is daily snapshots of traffic to a website over a 30 day period of time. LOL Important piece of info I meant to add. Sorry.
  11. Checkout this video {not a sales video} http://screencast.com/t/NO8LnQyaQ I had this crazy idea that this would be a cool thing to have. I think it looks cool but now I am wondering if there is value in it. Would it be better as blog candy to increase my Lists, a product to sell, or was it a complete waste of my time? I was thinking it might be good for Flippa users or some other area with internet marketing. Any thoughts? Buddy
  12. bshearer

    SEO juice making with subdomains

    It would nice if it worked that way. The last time I tried a similar theory it did not fare to well for the sub-domain and the page on my domain. However, the sub-domain did okay when it stayed away from the root domain. Google has stated in the past that sub-domains are okay; just look at About.com. I think the trick is using them as such. Of course I could be WAY off the mark these days as my experimentation was 3 years ago. I would suggest using the sub-domains for traffic sources like a forum but not for link juice. For link juice I would suggest using a new domain on a different host. Then slowly add your linking. There may be far more wise people in here than me and hopefully they will either correct me or give you the best recommendations. Buddy
  13. bshearer

    Pages or Posts...which is better?

    Thanks for the feedback Jimmy & Matt
  14. Richard mentioned: Before jumping to ZennoPoster or UBot make sure you understand what they are AND what you want to accomplish with them. Both are really good at automating routine web stuff. I will go ahead and tell you my take on both of them. ZP is hard to learn. Most of the videos that I watched were in Russian or some language that I could not understand due to the thicke accent. The application itself was not intuitive for me. Many aspects of it were clunky and made no sense. Finally, if you develop something with it you are pretty much stuck with it as you cannot sell it as a product since it is not compiled. I know I sound tough on that product but those are the facts as I see them and I did try to learn it. UBot Studio on the other hand is another story. I have been using it for about 3 years now and I can do pretty much anything with it. I have even controlled a Windows program with it. I have created several independent products and sold them as well. So there is a nice market for automation. I even have a training site dedicated to UBot Training (with over 150 videos) and it still sends me money every month. SO I am very biased about UBot. As I stated earlier. Both products do automation really well. And both have their zealot users. I will say if you have any questions about UBot please feel free to ask me. I am using it in my WhiteHat efforts and traffic generation.