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  1. Please note, I'm not looking to buy links on your site/domain, I want to BUY the domain. Please be sure that your domain meets my criteria. Thanks for viewing this post.
  2. I'm looking for a PR 3, 4 or 5 domain in the computer, hardware, internet, or general news niche that has had any of the mentioned topics posted on the site in the past. Would prefer at least 3 separate pr pages within the domain, must have at least the home page with pr3 and the other two above pr0. Backlinks must be sufficient enough to hold page rank, IE: at least one pr4 backlink and one pr3 backlink, although the number of backlinks isn't too important. Purchase is subject to the usual checks etc. I'm looking at building a blog network around my money site.
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    Buying an aged domain

    Good advice newsbrand, thank you.
  4. Superbee

    Buying an aged domain

    Thanks Richard. i'm struggling to find a suitable domain in the computer hardware niche using register compass, do you have any tips or suggestions? For the purpose of a domain for backlinks do I need to keep the domain niche specific? I have gone through Terry's Backlinks Hydra and Domain Buying Blackbelt but I wonder how much has changed since the two courses have come out and with the new penguin update etc. . .
  5. hey guys I really would appreciate your feed back on this one. I'm looking at buying an aged domain for backlinks for my site. I do have a bit of a dilemma with the backlinks data. When running the data through A-hrefs the backlink count shows 91K with 568 of those not site wide. This is meant to be a PR3 domain according to register compass and shows a PR3 when using the SEOquake plugin with firefox. However A-hrefs shows the URL rank of 0 and the domain rank of 87. Next when I run a SEO spyglass check I find over 800 links with about 240 links missing confirmation. No problem there as there are quite a few PR 2 links that are valid and 2 PR3 and 2 PR4 links showing valid but are restricted from indexing according to Spyglass. OpensiteExplorer shows a domain authority of 29/100 and page authority of 1/100 and 0 links. The domain is 18 months old. What do you guys think, is it worth going after for the $250 buy now price or should I skip it based on the OpensiteExplorer data alone? I ask this question as I'm finding it hard to find something suitable in my niche. All I want to do with the site is a simple 301 re - direct as there is only one page of content that has adwords on it and a search bar. Thanks for all feedback.