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  1. irmscher

    How to Get Listed in DMOZ Directory?

    It's easier to get already listed domain from auctions, you can find some dropped domains that you can register at reg fee.
  2. Try http://infograph.ly/ It's almost automated way to generate infographs.
  3. Awesome collection mate, thanks! I've stumbled upon something I've been looking for quite a while, those case studies about Sponsored tweets. Bookmarked!
  4. OMG, my eyes hurt while looking at this website. Do you really think that this tool worth your time whereas the guy even can't put decent looking site together...
  5. Hey I have few questions before ordering: 1. What WEB 2.0 sites are used for those buffer sites. 2. Can I use my own websites as buffer sites? 3. Is BLACKFRIDAY discount coupon valid for 1st month of the subscription only? 4. I'll place an order now and submit my project details later, is that OK?
  6. Page Rank metrics is pretty much dead these days, you'll be better of referring to DA and Mozrank. Here's a good free tool: http://mozcheck.com/ Majestic SEO is also good with their Trust and Citation flow, for best results the proportion should be 1:1
  7. Simply joining affiliate networks like Jvzoo and clickbank won't get you a lot of affiliates. First of all you will have to create a good sales page that converts well and offer decent payouts, preferably recurring (affiliates love it). Offer at least 50% share to affiliates. Then use social networks, forums and other social sites to attract first wave of affiliates. Then if your conversion rate and EPC are good, you might see some affiliates joining your program from local networks.
  8. Believe it or not, this is the key to success actually. Without trial and error you won't be able to figure out what works and what's not. I have failed quite a few projects before I found successful business model that works for me.
  9. irmscher

    Scrapebox v2 is Out

    I love Scrapebox, the most hardcore SEO tool ever. It's like Ultima Online in the MMORPG world.
  10. Placed an order, filling in the details. Maybe I'm too paranoid but... I've got one question, is the "Insane Bonus" stuff safe enough for main money site?
  11. irmscher

    what holds people back online?!

    A variety of factors actually. But the main problem is procrastination and not taking actions. Even if you fail, you should treat the failure as a good lesson, then slowly but surely you will get there. Some people will generate a hundred of excuses why they don;t feel like doing this today...
  12. irmscher

    Article spinning service

    I've created a software that scrapes, rewrites and publishes articles to your sites. Content mostly looks like human written with few occasional hiccups here and there. I won't share a link here because it'll be self-promotion but I'm about to start a BST thread here on the forum with special offer.
  13. If you are not sure whether to go for paid of free software/tools, then definitely go for free ones first. Here's a list of free SEO tools: https://moz.com/blog/100-free-seo-tools