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  1. I can confirm this as well. I was sending a bunch of ppv traffic to a random page on one of my sites in order to get 1000 visitors quickly to activate a Perfect Audience campaign. (Hey they require 1000 visitors to be cookied before they activate the campaign, and I wanted it activated now, lol) Anyway, the site started to rank in google better for various keywords during the week I ran the campaign, and then when I suddenly stopped the ppv traffic flow, the sites rankings fell below previous ranking levels. Its not proof, but its still a bit compelling, that non-search engine traffic could have an effect like this. Also have seen guys spamming my G+ accounts and posts, with their websites title or main phrase, in a semi-natural way. Like, "This is so true, when I was visiting the grand canyon last year, I used the grand canyon maximum tour discount everywhere I went blah blah blah. And their site is named grandcanyonmaximumtourdiscount.com, for example. They leave these mentions all the time, on related G+ posts I guess. I thought they were just trying to get people to visit their site, but it looks like they are building up mentions for some reason.
  2. True, if people are determined to find certain info they can just check Yahoo and Yandex quickly and see what the results are showing. Better to remove it at the source.
  3. It may not seem like a big thing now. But a couple years ago I wouldnt have imagined anyone would have taken that EU cookie warning message thing seriously either. But now so many sites have complied internationally. I think its possible a similar thing could happen with this.
  4. I didnt know this existed. Haha Google's screwed once everyone learns this option exists. So much work for some unlucky G employee, soon to be coming down the pipe, lol.
  5. RealEcon

    Google PR to Retire

    Honestly, this and this should have woken people up to what Google is capable of. So many people thought that was just a "glitch" with Google and that Google just needed to patch the "glitch" up and everything would be ok. When I saw that article, I said "Whoa!. Google has some new tricks in their bag." Glitch never crossed my mind. Yes, that experiment showed there was a temporary problem, that needed to be tweaked. But what it was showing was that Rankings/Backlinks are/can be transfered with content. This is a big deal because it strongly suggests "in my opinion" that somehow Google has made a way that content itself passes "ranking juice". For example, if you write an article in a style similar to another authority site, and use some quotes from that authority site, and have other sites with similar writing styles as yours linking to you or quoting your content, then your site will most likely rank. Its why Cutts kept saying, just make quality content blah blah blah. Because the new algo WILL recognize quality content if certain factors are in place. Really the name of the game is to get your site as "Self Similar" as possible with the authority sites in your niche in order to gain similar traffic flows directly from those authority sites followers. While at the same time showing Google your content is very similar to the niche authorities, but unique and interesting for those same followers of the authority sites to come and spend time on your site as well. What Google achieved with the Penguin algo and the "things not stings" idea, is almost a quantum leap forward from the elementary days of Page Rank. The problem is that the majority of the SEO industry has no clue, and is still operating under an old paradigm of thinking. Going forward, websites will have to be managed and marketed like a regular business. If an offline business wants to have a successful online presence they will have to either pay an in house manager to do total comprehensive marketing for their site, including email campaigns, social media, content creation, SEM, etc. or pay an agency to do it. The thing is that the prices these social media marketing agencies are charging just for managing 3 main social accounts, is enough to put a small biz under water. So somehow prices will have to come down for all services. And agencies will really have to bundle everything at an affordable cost. In someways this will be a win win for everyone though. The SEO agencies wont have to deal with upset clients every month, seeing as their SEO goals werent met. If a client complains about rankings, the agency can point to all the new subs for the social accounts and email campaign, or can show other metrics, since it will be a comprehensive service. At the end of the day the biggest challenge will always be COST and finding qualified people that can operate creatively in such a variety of online marketing areas effectively. Will be interesting to see how things shape up, over the next year.
  6. So how much did he pay you for it?
  7. You should create a branded blog, create killer branded articles, branded videos etc. then post them to a branded FB page. Then target the local demographic in FB and do a paid post promotion for that post you shared on the FB page. People will click thru on the paid post ad, and Like your page, then they will go to the actual blog post and get a retarget cookie that will allow them to start seeing branded banner ads everywhere they go on the internet via adroll/perfectaudience/sitescout. When they are done reading your awesome article they will push the FB/Twitter/G+ share buttons that you will have prominently displayed with the little number box of shares under each button to show social proof. With any luck the post will be shared far and wide to the local community this way. And you can do this on a fairly limited budget if you are doing it for local. If you need more local traffic than create some nice highly clickable branded banners and just target your whole city/local region with adwords display network. Link your banner ads to an appropriate page on your site, (maybe one of those killer branded blog posts that have retargeting cookies), then launch the campaign. You will get tons of people clicking on the banner ad, even if they arent interested in renovations (if your banners are well done), if you send them to a really cool article with a lot of numbers under those social buttons they will be compelled to read it too, then share it, and chances are some of the people they share it with, will need your boss's services. After a while (if you dont ***** people off with too much over the top branding) you will start to see your direct type in traffic start going up. Rising direct type in traffic (with a low bounce rate) should be your final goal.
  8. A lot of people are putting their funnel click links on their TYP's now. And selling each click for like .25-.35 cents. Decent way to make back some of your solo ad spend.
  9. RealEcon

    How Do You Send Traffic To Your Email Opt-in Form?

    PPV, media buys, and solo ads/click banking/funnel clicks. These are fairly scalable, if you know what youre doing. You will need a a good click tracking software and strong converting LP to be profitable though.
  10. Youve got churn and burn using tried and true backlink methods. Rank and bank until the algo refresh. You might even make it through two refreshes if youre lucky. Or create some kind of value and try to get visitors on email lists, retarget lists, and social media accounts to create branding/trust and repeat marketing opportunities.
  11. If the link is on a niche relevant page, the anchor text isnt so important. I mean dont use completely unrelated anchor text, but brand words, raw anchor, industry words, and a few money words, are probably the best way to go when creating only a few links. Using the same 1-2 words per page, and then doing it for 200 pages kind of looks bad imo.
  12. RealEcon

    SEO Service Group

    Havent heard of them. What kind of SEO work you needing done?
  13. RealEcon

    The ugly side of Google Adwords

    Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. So many sites use PPC as a one hit wonder traffic method. Everything should be done to create branded feedback loops for visitors, coming from all over the place. Once you get that type in traffic coming in, you can scale back on the PPC and put the money into scaling your brand feedback loops.
  14. I dont think the word "backlinks" is so buzzy trendy as it was before Penguin. Maybe add a subdirectory forum to the main domain and call it "content marketing forum", it would probably garner the attention of more people nowadays. Although the redirect you have going right now is a good solution imo.