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  1. Sorry, couldn't disagree more with the OP. If everyone knew the exact steps to rank, then there would be x100 times the amount of spam there is now.
  2. DoubleUp

    Pages or Posts...which is better?

    Pretty much how i do things also. The main 'pages' are pages, and those which i don't mind drifting off the first page are 'posts'.
  3. DoubleUp

    Buying an aged domain

    When you say "domain for backlinks", do you mean you'll be backlinking to this domain, and then 301 redirecting this domain elsewhere? If so, in my experience, the domain name itself doesn't matter so much as the actual anchor texts of the backlinks pointing to it.
  4. DoubleUp

    Buying aged domain from Godaddy - Fraud

    I haven't purchased an aged domain via GoDaddy for a while, but as _Richard said, it can sometimes take a while. Hope you done all the necessary checks before your purchase, as there's a lot of tat being offloaded on there.
  5. DoubleUp

    Just saying Hi

    Hey Beaker and welcome to the forum, good to have yet another person from the UK on board You've been in the game a number of years, so sure you have a lot of experience to share.
  6. You're better of with sape i would have thought. At least the link stays on the page for at least a month (hopefully), so you have a better chance of google actually seeing the link reside there. Not really got much chance of that happening with a link that rolls of the homepage, unless your link is on a domain which is frequently crawled.
  7. DoubleUp

    Outsourcing vs Software - pros and cons

    If you have no time for learning the different strategies, then it makes sense to go for a service.
  8. Use google chrome to auto translate. If you want specific help, i'll help out where i can, but i won't write a step by step guide, as that'll take me the rest of the day. On BHW, search for a thread "Exclusive Russian Sape.ru Filter + Bonus Beginners Guide!". I have no affiliation with the guide at all, but it's a cheap guide, which breaks down everything you need to know about using sape.
  9. You only add sites if you, yourself, have high PR sites that you want to rent link space on. If you just want to rent links on high pr sites, then you pay per link, on a monthly recurring basis.
  10. Can't say i notice any difference after searching for a few news related items in google.co.uk...........
  11. You can register yourself at www.sape.ru (use google chrome to auto translate the pages). If you have any trouble, shoot me a PM as i'm registered and provide links for myself as well as others.
  12. Depends on how many links for $10 a month. Also, not forgetting a certain large network, where you can acquire these links very cheaply anyway......
  13. I haven't tried the other tools, but would highly recommend GSA SER. Probably the best piece of software i've purchased, other than scrapebox.
  14. Nik0 You're really looking at this the wrong way. You seem to look down on spam links due to the site they were used on eventually receiving a penalty. Any site can get penalised in the future. If you think your site is future proof due to your 'safer' way of link building, then you're deluded. I'm into churn & burn, and all i'm concerned about is ranking. Penalties and google updates really mean nothing to me. As soon as a site is penalised, or a new update is rolled out which affects my site, i'll simply knock up another and get that ranked ASAP. Your way isn't right/wrong/better, neither is mine. So you can't knock '_Richard' for simply stating another way of going about things.