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  1. How many sites do you see with high pr and low metrics
  2. Surely when a domain expires most registrar put them up for auction, snapnames is big site that scrappes all the domains, the ones that do not sell are PR0 PR1-PR2 this is only due to the high reserve of $69,
  3. iwriter is awesome, cheap, it takes a while to get good writers, but I have a core team of 4 writers, that can churn out 60-100 articles a day.
  4. What do you have to offer I have 130 sites
  5. I used the same service PR Monkey, and got deindexed, but also used 2 other services at the same time, but have used them before, without problem
  6. Why would inner pages still be indexed and not the home page
  7. Do you want to share privately as that was the service I used then my site went into orbit,
  8. I was thinking, about the control of link diversification, at the moment, we have to rely on some services, that you cannot control, you could use your PR0- PR2 for links like visit my site raw urls, that do not need as much PR
  9. Domain Purchasing threat

    If any domain has a site on it stay away from it, it is not a site that is going to expire, someone has developed it for auction and normally a scam, especially if its on godaddy, namejet and snapnames, are pretty good, and yes any words like paydayloans, seo and viagra should be avoided.
  10. I was thinking about putting together a network of PR0 - PR2 network, say about 1000 sites, just so that I could control the link diversification exactly the way I want it. I was thinking about looking for expired domains, that did not sell at auction due to their high reserve price of $69 for a PR2, if you waited a while until they came back on the open market you could pick them up for the registration fee, but being an expired domain, would the domain be useless as its been a dropped domain? As I am asking questions here another one After a post has rolled of the first page, how much seo value rolls of with it?
  11. What is the hottest product of 2014? I never thought about affiliate marketing, but I am slowly looking at it now.
  12. One of my site has been shoot into orbit. The home page has been deindexed, but some inner pages are still indexed, that was May 9th Idid buy 3 services, which could have contributed to it.
  13. Richard Is spyder spanked a free plugin?
  14. Negative SEO

    I personally could do negative seo to someones site, just wondered if it would work on a fresh domain as I had a site that was slapped, and deindexed, I didn't have Google analytic on it. It was ranked 1st, and was enjoying a $10k a month.