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  1. Does that facebook messenger box really have to pop up on every single page even if I close it? I can see once a day or even once a visit but every single page is going to get old in a hurry. Not quite as bad as that autoplay video you had going but at least that one only hit you once a day and even then I started using the mobile version of the site to get away from it and I do not like the mobile version as well.
  2. I have a question?

    No. First off if they are linking to each other Google is pretty much discounting those links anyway whether or not they are on the same server. Second even if Google was counting the links and would give them less worth being on the same server those 2 links out of your whole profile are not going to make much difference in how your site ranks. Thirdly unless you are hiding who the domains belong to Google is going to know they are owned by the same person anyway. When IP addresses matter is when you are building links from a whole bunch of sites like a PBN. If you have 50 PBN sites all on the same IP linking to the same site Google is going to discount those links if not outright penalize the site. In that case you have to have the sites in different locations and showing different whois info.
  3. Sometimes they post the same question in more than one forum and get the answer they were looking for somewhere else. It would be cool if they dropped back in the thread and let us know how the problem is fixed but it would also be cool to come back to threads and let people know if their advice worked or not. The only thing you can do is if you see someone that makes a habit of not coming back to their questions you just stop helping them. That is what I do.
  4. I like the keyword test myself. I chose some text from the footer and then I get 2 tests in one because even if the site loads if it loads slow the test will time out before the page is all loaded. Now you do get some false alerts but I am OK with that, if I get a bunch of them for the same site I know there is a problem even if when I go to the site it seems to be working.
  5. Are you in an IM or make money niche? If not solo ads are really not going to be a good fit.
  6. I do that with a lot of memberships. It is a good way to save money.
  7. Or one site that is making enough money. It is also nice for people who create and sell websites as all the plugins are gpl and you can white label them.
  8. Canava is pretty awesome I have been using it for quite awhile now and recommend it whenever I can. None of the others I have tested have come close to being as good a match for my needs.
  9. What Is My Crawl Window?

    He keeps posting questions but never coming back to clarify or respond to the answers. Not sure what is up with that but it seems odd.
  10. How to fix low open and click rates?

    Having any success determining what the problem is?
  11. Not really a surprise that is how Google rolls.
  12. The amount that social media usage has changed in the last 5 years is amazing. That and smart phones which are only 10 years old but have completely taken over the world. We are going to see the same kind of inroads made by voice interaction with devices over the next few years as well.
  13. You will basically get the same kind of response as this one. "We might have something going on but not affecting hardly anyone" The Google spokesperson will say some words but not really give away any info that is in the least bit helpful.