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  1. I have serious issue trusting any of the reviews / users claiming "this is the coolest thing there" here. I want to see head-to-head comparison of the software-s available in market. However, with affiliates programes I can just dig another hole for me
  2. EMD and registered trademark

    Thanks Richard. , now it's up to discussion, what they'd say about version of CLNQ.TLD , i guess.
  3. Hello, I am planning to launch Clinique cosmetics eshop. I have access to a domain owner of clinique.TLD and he's willing to let it go almost for free. It's registered trademark and of course, the I'd loose the rights if clinique company wanted it. My question is, does partial name of domain count ? For example if I registered cliniq.TLD -> first if it's OK for google as he may see the partiallity in the term and if clinique would want rights to it if it's word without 2 chars
  4. Thank you Devin, I find it a bit pricey for what it does and there is useless stuff to me I don't really need. Just that serp analysis. I might find the best way just to have it coded myself ..
  5. I am intrigued about that selfhosted script
  6. Ecommerce Content Duplicate

    Even ones that use unique product descriptions? How come ? Should I just add blog and tons of articles then, videos, images and such?
  7. I have issues with module in market samurai, sometimes it doesn't show correct serp results and it shows google.com results instead of the local google I want to use. All is set in project correctly That's why I wanted to look for alternative
  8. Ecommerce Content Duplicate

    Hello Richard, Thanks for tips. I am reallz interested in this part of indexing duplicates. How can that happen ? Never heard of it.
  9. I'm sure we didn't understand each other. I am looking for online tool that can do the same thing as Market Samurai's SEO competition module. I checked some forum topics but they often go wild into rank trackers and such while people forget the original OP was after SEO competition checker.
  10. Ecommerce Content Duplicate

    My products' descriptions (in product pages) would be from my supplier and they also have eshop with same descriptions on their website. So it's on another site. So I wonder If there is any way to tell google it's duplicate and I AM SORRY
  11. Ecommerce Content Duplicate

    I just thought of hiding the text behind javascript so it's encoded in html source but the user will see the output text correctly. What do you think of this solution?
  12. Hello, I am planning to launch another ecommerce site however the descriptions of products are so specific it's hell difficult to paraphrase them. Is there a way to tag the descriptions for Google and tell him THIS IS DUPLICATE because it's a product description page ? How do you solve this issue ?
  13. Hello, Do you have any good website to analyze serp in google? I found this but I find it a bit pricey. http://www.webseoanalytics.com/free/seo-tools/serp-analysis.php
  14. On Page SEO?

    You hit it. Exactly, there is issue with meta data for each game. I altered the code - re-hardcoded it. I thought about that "give opinion on game system as well" and must work on it
  15. What if i don't sell software? Can i still use PAD somehow?