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  1. Pretty awful movie, one of the greatest scenes of all time imo!
  2. Originally from Cali. Been in the industry since '05 & currently living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand!
  3. HostNine.com review : the worst hosting ever

    I've had a couple clients who used them.. Got them to migrate over to Knownhost ASAP. Nightmare company for real..
  4. Which web hosting service you use ?

    Host all my sites on a Knownhost VPS. No downtime and the best support I've ever experienced.
  5. How do you make money?

    Provide marketing services, generally to agencies but have just started to branch out.
  6. Canva or Pablo (similar to Canva, done by the people behind Buffer App)
  7. There's absolutely nothing better than WordAI on the market currently.
  8. Digital Nomads?

    Any other digital nomads out there? Been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a couple years now.. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
  9. Affordable Good VPS?

    I've had a VPS with Winity.io for years, literally zero problems. One of the most affordable solutions out there. Run multiple instances of scrapebox, followliker and a couple other custom bots (ubot/zennoposter stuff). Can't speak highly enough of them.
  10. what holds people back online?!

    Too much reading, not enough action. JUST F*CKING DO IT. Can't be scared of failure in this business. Successful entrepreneurs are BUILT on failures.
  11. Your favorite Apps

  12. Syndicate ALWAYS! Tailor the posts to the specific social network though by using correct image sizes, hashtags when applicable, etc. IFTTT is great for setting up automation in this department & best of all.. It's free
  13. Lesson learned! Always do the due diligence when purchasing a new domain. Ahrefs is great for this.
  14. check rank and boost traffic

    Content is king. If your site design is on point, you should now be focusing on creating high quality content written specifically for your audience and syndicating it across social.
  15. +1 to adding a guest posting page on your site. Soon as it indexes, granted your site metrics are favorable, the guest post outreach emails will start pouring in.