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  1. There is a problem with your form and you MUST get it fixed because it does not allow you to enter sentences before jumping to the top of the page for ever word you type lol. Email me for the information and Press Release
  2. I've just placed an order but no need to fill out the info because I have the Press Release to use which has all the details included. Can you please email me so that I can send you the press release asap. #7U054061PU8220456
  3. Received the Press Release and exactly as the order details. The PR got published in Google News and hundreds of other high authority news sites which were nicely listed in a report, each with a link to the live publication. I'm sure the many others the PR was syndicated to will soon be indexed by the search engines which will bring massive authority and a boost to ranks in the search engines. The bonus links that came with the package was fantastic and will surely give even more of a boost in rankings. I have no doubt that I'll be placing future orders for both myself and my clients because the quality of this product is hard to match for the price charged. Thanks Joe.
  4. cancasa

    Penguin 2.1 launched today

    You might be right doubleup21, I haven't been hit and all I've been doing is relevant niche specific links either by guest posts or comments.
  5. cancasa

    Shared Hosting Recommendations

    Just an update. I decided to try Bluehost so fingers crossed. Also, eurovps have still refused to refund payment so I had to escalate the dispute in Paypal. It's for €14 and to be honest, I find it very disappointing but I guess that sums up eurovps very succinctly.