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  1. Handmade content for tier 1 backlinks and spin content for tier 2 backlinks work best for me.
  2. Interesting case study and I was surprise when I saw that the Blackhat world bring in more visitor than warrior forum and traffic planet. I tend to avoid Blackhatworld because the website design look very spammy and user not friendly because of their black background.
  3. cool... but i will still stay away from fiver links and links blasting. thanks for the tips 2 and 3
  4. Dinosaurs's Update For 2013

    OMG? Matt went crazy...
  5. That's is really awesome! What kind of theme do you use for the website?
  6. Cloudflare and SEO, any experience or feedback?

    I have been using CloudFlare since 2012 1. Loading did increased 2 &3. Not sure of it affect my SERP or traffic 4. Beside increase in loading speed, i also notice that cloudflare helps me reduce spammer by blocking known threats request. Overall, I find it good and recommend you to try it since it's free. I wrote an review on Cloudflare here too http://www.winsonyeung.com/cloudflare-review-improve-your-website-loading-speed-security/ Regards, Winson
  7. Good report and good breakdown on the keyword variation too
  8. Make use of guest posting on blog that gets high amount of traffic, low alexa ranking and high PR sites. You can check out this lists of site that accept guest blog http://www.buzzblogger.com/600-places-to-share-your-content/ http://www.shoutmeloud.com/list-of-50-best-blogs-that-accept-guest-posts.html Hope this helps Winson
  9. Google Update January 17 2013

    yet another google update... safest way to build links is simply link to the domain website.
  10. New Email Message from Google

    i got this too.
  11. Awesome tutorial. After going through your tuotrial, I'm going to get ulitmate demon and start building my tierd link network
  12. Incansoft just release it's article spinning software called Llama Spin V2.0 An short extract of the email below A couple of years ago we developed a content spinner called Llama Spin, which was designed to meet our needs for preparing content following LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) algorithms that Google has been using. http://www.incansoft.com/IS0038.php Now on version 2.0, Llama Spin has been updated to match Google's post-Panda changes and is unbelievably effective. In fact, it works so well that we decided to give Incansoft customers the chance to see for themselves what a no-brainer this application is. We're opening up a limited quantity for just $7.77 - and like our past offers, this will go quick, so jump on it before they're all gone!
  13. works for 1-2 weeks then the panalty came. Removed the 301 redirection on the 3th week