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  1. Hi there, WE have a spare PR7 domain name that we were planning on building another network with; however, we may want to sell it for the right price. Its an LLLL.com that's 7 years old, and as mentioned above, a PR7. What would you pay for this domain? Thanks! EDIT: the only reason we're asking is because we have received offers more then $4K in the past - but as of recent, offers have started to drop to around $500-$1k mark and I was wondering if domain name value's are decreasing.
  2. Agree'd. There is that little sweet spot right in between, its just a case of split a/b testing before pushing live to your money making sites... Good luck all.
  3. Hi everyone Looking to buy a number of PR3+ domain names; will offer $20 for PR3's, but will consider other prices too. Also looking for anything higher than PR3 too. Thanks!
  4. Any recommendations of where to find one? We had been using eLance to hire people to write articles; but at this stage, we'd like to bring it "in-house" with a full-time outsourced article writer, primarily in the Phillipines. Reason for the Phillipines, we're opening an office in the Phill's next year, and we'd like to try and put the article writer in there with the rest of the team we'd be hiring. Even if the writer can't go to our office due to being a contractor through another company; that's fine, they can mediate the work & communicate internally still.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm seeking a full-time article writer (8 hours per day, 5-6 days per week) and am not having much luck in finding one... I've searched everywhere and the closest I have come to is remotestaff.com.au Are there any recommendations on where I can get my hands on a full-time writer? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm about to signup to linkvana based on a few recommendations... however, I have read a few bad reviews on them recently, and am wondering if they're worth the $147 per month? Are there any other alternatives, cost isn't a factor - I more so care about the quality & features available. Thanks!
  7. LLD

    PR Update

    Wow... nicely done Terry!
  8. LLD

    PR Update

    We had a brand new client site go from PR- to PR5 - its only 6 weeks old... very happy with that
  9. Hey everyone, After reviewing a few client sites as well as our own internal sites, there has been a PR update... anyone else been effected positively/negatively?
  10. As others have metnioned; white-hat SEO is pretty much dead. Primarily because of the fact that link building as a whole, is technically "black-hat". You're not meant to purchase links whatsoever, as Google has mentioned plenty of times, you're meant to acquire links "naturally" by using link-bait methods... but, one is to assume that Google can't really rule out link building as a whole because their algorhythm relies on links. However, one thing I have noticed is that, if you blast 100,000 links 1 month (or 2), and you don't equate the next month to around 100,000 links, Google sees that inconsistency & tends to sandbox you... just something I've picked up over the years & probably something for the rest of you to keep in mind
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for an article writer service to purchase bulk packs, to then distribute to LinkVana & the means... is there anyone with recommendations?? In the past 6 months, I've probably gone through close to 20 writers - they start of great, but after a week, their articles & keyword ratios get sloppy. I'm looking for someone immediately! Thanks!
  12. LLD

    Google is at it again

    The good majority of webmasters these days use a combination of analytics applications, anyhow. Primarily Google Analytics, but there are other players out there. I know for a lot of our internal sites & client websites, we use a combination of Google Analytics & Omniture -- of course, not everyone has the budget to purchase and use Omniture, but it's good to be able to compare data