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  1. Please PM me when you get PR4 domains. Thanks!
  2. How do you make money?

    Really hope you are being sarcastic.
  3. Sure, I don't disagree. But I have absolutely no reason to spend that much time doing that, when my more 'automated' way is easier and always had me great results, before and after penguin and panda. Same thing with your case, seeing your method work, you wouldn't go away with it and go try something different now would you? Not arguing with you, just pointing the obvious
  4. Couldn't agree more with Barry on this one, but still that is not implying that SEO is dead - it can't be and imo it never will, it's basic knowledge.. how will their search engine algorithm know to show the best possible results for the users search queries, based on what metrics? How is that site ranking higher then the others? Sure we will be seeing tons more sites being advertised via adwords, but that doesn't mean we're screwed just yet
  5. Seems like you have a lot of time on your hands, mean no offense or anything. But if you do all that manually, that's just crazy.
  6. How do you make money?

    Good traffic and Page Rank? I'd be a millionaire by now.
  7. It's exactly what I do. Only thing I don't like about it, is that the outbound clicks in my JetPack WordPress Stats are not showing up, have no idea why. I might be switching to a plugin that shows me ctr.
  8. A lot of things work just fine as before, still. But most importantly, drip your link building, don't go building hundreds-thousands in one day, also try to vary your anchor text as much as possible, editorial links on lower quality sites - just my 2 cents. Worked for me.
  9. Oh man that's bad . Feels bad to look at that. Would also want to know if you did any tweaking on your on page or build any backlinks lately / and how much you targeted your money keywords, diversifying your anchor texts is a one of the biggest musts. I've actually seen improvement on some of my aff sites, but I've done way too much anchor variation.