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  1. What Is a Naked Link?

    Yep. I'll also add that Google bot does definitely crawl raw text URL's - meaning just the raw text of a URL with no a href attribute. So these can still count as backlinks or help with indexing new pages.
  2. Work on getting the restaurant menu out on different platforms that are made for this. You can get a menu to display for the restaurant in Google searches eventually as well as in the knowledge panel. Sites like opentable, allmenus, openmenu, singleplatform, menupages, locu, etc. might be worth checking out. You can use restaurant schema and help to identify a menu page on the website. Work on hooking up with other platforms for take out/delivery orders such as UberEats, Delivery.com, etc. There are lots of local specific ones that only operate in their own cities or specific cities. Work on capturing customer emails and run some email marketing campaigns with discounts/specials etc. Engage with your customers. Most restaurants seem to neglect this form of powerful marketing, but people love discounts, specials and pictures when it comes to food. Local reddit threads and instagram for promotion, food pics etc. Work on review campaigns. Hand out cards at the restaurant and/or send emails guiding people to popular review sites like Yelp, FB, G+, Trip advisor etc. Positive reviews go a very loing way in the food industry. That's a few things off the top of my head. Been a while since I've worked on a restaurant site but there is definitely plenty you can do to keep building up business.
  3. There are free scripts out there for this if you dig. I've seen some in various languages on Github for example. Try searches with things like: check if URL exists. I actually have one I used to use for the same purpose. Happy to send you the script if you want to shoot me a PM with your email. You'll need to host it locally or put it up on hosting. The functionality of what you are after is pretty basic, the more detailed stuff comes down to the details such as how it is hosted, whether you are uploading a file of URL's each time and downloading a return file, or want it web hosting with form input and outputs, scaling it do work faster and handle more etc. I could recommend some coders too if needed. Out of curiousity, how are you getting your list of URL's with mentions in the first place? Scraping Google or something? If you have something already set up for that, modifying/adding to that with additional steps might be your best end result for saving time on the entire task.
  4. Pretty much all I do now is local. I run an online business listing service that I'll be happy to have a sales thread here for, once I get the post count up. Don't want to drop any links here or anything, as this is my first post but I keep up to date with all the local stuff and have tested all kinds of things for local seo. Happy to help with any questions or suggestions on "write ups" you may do. Also, if you haven't heard or noticed, there was a big update with "Places" on the 30th. There is no longer a search by places on the SERPs. Rankings seem to have shifted with this update as well, so likely a local algo tweak. No statement from Google yet. If you want to still search "Places" results, like for example see page 2 results, use this link: https://www.google.com/webhp?prmd=imvnsu&source=lnms&tbm=plcs