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  1. I am actually doing the same thing mentioned in your first point. I currently run a content service, but I am trying to branch out this year to find higher paying corporate clients or people serious about their authority sites. I have had a few people bite on my authority articles (3 times my normal rate) in the past 3 and they have all been happy, so it is all about expanding.
  2. I have been on the fence with trying out Facebook ads, but I suppose allotting $1 - $5 a day to test the waters isn't a bad idea. I will be setting up my campaign tonight and will post back my results in a few weeks.
  3. All of these points are spot on. I have written more articles than I can even count, but these 7 tips are always adhered to with each article. When I am working on a very intense article, I will always plan it out ahead. I would also add in using custom templates with Office. I have created templates for generic articles, reviews, press releases, etc. These templates are more of a general skeleton, but it speeds up the writing process greatly especially when writing a ton of articles each week.
  4. This is a great program which I tried in the past, but forgot about when I got my new computer. It is amazing how much productivity is lost throughout the day.