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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking to connect with an Email Marketing master for Cold Outreach - we've got a product launch coming up aimed at high spending corporate SEOs and gambling affiliates. We've been selling ready-made PBN networks for $10k+ without any sales push, all through referral. We've got great tech behind us and systems that can generate unbelievably powerful networks. There's a definite demand for this product, it's a higher-end grey hat solution, we're not really targeting the black-hat community with this one. I'm keen to team up with an experienced email marketer who can manage the targeted cold outreach. I have ideas around webinars, free giveaways, competitions to push leads through a sales funnel. If you're interested to learn more and discuss the details please drop over a message. Or if anyone pro marketers who might be interested in a partnership opportunity, let me know. Thanks Will
  2. Hi I am working with a developer at the moment to build a new software that will assist in finding quality link prospects. If you've ever used the Link Prospector tool that is part of the Citation Labs toolset then you'll have an idea of what it is we're trying to develop here. Essentially the software will be cloud based and scrape Google results depending on the keywords that you input. This would cut out the manual labour that goes in to prospecting potential bloggers you can approach for link opportunities. Imagine a cloud based scrapebox that is used for link prospecting where no footprints need to be inserted or proxies harvested. The results you'd get would provide links to blogs that have a history of accepting guest posts and will be relevant to the keywords you've inputted. Filtering options will be available so that you can refine results based on Majestic Trust & Citation Flow, Page Rank, Alexa, DA, Outbound Links and Social Metrics. All prospects can be managed within the system and you can save the data which can then be rescraped to find email and contact info for each prospect. There are link prospecting tools out there such as Linkdex, Group High, SEO Power- Suite but they're all very expensive. The tool really is aimed at the SEO market who want quality links - not spam but don't want to pay for these full software suites that cost hundreds of dollars each month. The options we're considering are a monthly subscription model between $20-$100 depending on usage or a credit upload system that deducts funds with each scrape. A few questions i've got: Is this a software you personally would use to find link opportunities? Is guest posting a growing area of SEO which even black hats moving towards more legitimate link building? or is it on it's way out? How could this software be improved - are there additional functions that could be implemented? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys I'm doing some research at the mo for a guest post article i'm creating on SEO software. One of the main topics I want to talk about are revolutionary tools that we've seen come and go. One particular tool that I want to discuss is Scrapebox. This has to be one of the most versatile tools available on the market but does it's ugly UI and proxy management put people off using? 2 years a go Scrapebox was the must-have piece of kit but nowadays I hear less and less about people using it. Is this because of the association it has as a "pure black hat" tool because of the mass auto comment spam? Are white hats unaware of it's ability to find some fantastic link opportunities? How could Scrapebox be improved so that it adapts to a more modern era of SEO and technical advancements on the web? Any feedback would be really appreciated! Thanks
  4. Hey Guys Just wondering what people think would be the most useful piece of kit - that currenlty isn't available that would help with SEO post penguin? Whether it be some form of analytics, back link checker, onsite tool, or competitor analysis software. How could tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO be improved? Keen to get people's thoughts on this.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I'd heard rumours of people being given unnatural link penalties after using web master tools hence the concern.
  6. Google Webmaster Tools - alternatives? Need to tell Google to rank my site in UK not US - not keen to use Webmaster Tools though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated