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  1. Why not try some others Untapped Niches like Education still has a great Earning power. I am sure that Education and Literature will make a definitely a differentiation way to make more money in a new way.
  2. sirghayoor

    Guest blogging is still effective?

    I agree that Matt Cutts Told to prohibited but it will not consider as Spam until it is a Spam. Guest Blogging is still very good exposure and it needs great exposure for the Business or Brand.
  3. sirghayoor

    NEW Features at SEMRush

    Great I have noticed it. This is really a great giveaway from SEMrush...
  4. sirghayoor

    How to stay on top of ranking?

    It vary from business to business and Keyword level. Anyhow the main core is: 1) Content is still King. Try to post high quality Content and make your Business More effective. 2) Never Push on Making Linkbuilding but focus on Relationbuilding. 3) Go viral and Make your Brand more Obvious and visible in Engines. 4) Make your Content Visual because it is more easy and attractive for getting links. 5) Focus on Social Media that is awesome!!!! Cheers.
  5. sirghayoor

    Quality SEO Reseller Service Provider?

    I am very much amazed that anybody among the forum did not reply you. Why?
  6. sirghayoor

    Guest blogging is still effective?

    Guest Blogging is the Recipe of Success. But Poor Sites and Content is born to Penalizing by Google.
  7. sirghayoor

    Local SEO in the UK

    The Best way to do Local SEO is Just focus on some important points like: Targeted Audience Expected Clients Optimize for them not for Google Ascertain their Need and Help them to resolve or provide them a One service Follow the Best SEO Local Practice with Main Keyword + Local Country and State Name = Success Have A Good Business ROI by this Way!!!
  8. PBN is Discouraged by the SEO Master Matt Cutts. But, Wait Wait!!!! YOu can if you are more clever than Animals (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird)
  9. Hello, I can make it but i have not sample. I know it is foolish to say but it is true:)
  10. Hi samfonda, I have PM you please go through that and reply me if i am fruitful for you:)