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  1. Your thoughts? http://www.viperchill.com/google-control/
  2. Right... I am also looking for blogs i could guest post too.. at a reasonable price...
  3. Still my campaigns are doing well...
  4. Anyone seeing ranking drops.. Still fine on my end though... https://dejanseo.com.au/major-google-update/
  5. http://searchengineland.com/google-drops-change-location-search-filter-from-search-results-237247
  6. Does this make any sense? http://blog.easyblognetworks.com/2015/causes-for-pbn-blogs-deindexation-backed-by-data/
  7. http://searchengineland.com/spammy-structured-markup-penalty-recovery-use-schema-markup-caution-223289
  8. I have 1 client rankings drop across the board.. some not showing in top 100 while others drop from first page to 3rd-6th page result... Algoroo showed 2.99 roos today... anyone seeing any rankings drops too..? http://algoroo.com/
  9. http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2014/10/updating-our-technical-webmaster.html
  10. Penguin 3 Released

    1 partial match and 2 EMD took a hit, EMD's seems to be on its way to recovery, too early to tell but im seeing some keywords trending up slightly.. i hope its gonna continue climbing back up. Clients seems to be ok, suffered only minor ranking loss. Main money website survived, showing positive results since roll out. All use same linkbuilding methods and PBN except for the partial match and 2 EMD, they have linkemperor links injected to them before but only handful of those links still exists. is it too late to disavow them.?
  11. Deindexing of PBN's

    Hi Richard, No, I did not install GWT across our PBN. I installed it only on one blog just to see what going on. I've removed all our links to the posts except a few links pointing to authority sites. Right now it's showing little improvement, Indexed pages started coming back, from 32 its now has 55 pages showing in Google Search Results. Im not sure if this is due to GWT installation or the removal of links.
  12. Deindexing of PBN's

    Hey Guys, some of our blogs are losing pages in index. does anyone seeing similar? One of the blogs previously has over a hundred pages indexed in Google, but today it drops to just 32 pages. Checking those pages individually reveals that they are indeed drop from index. No messages in GWT Another one has no indexed pages in "Index Status" in GWT but crawl stats showed that bot is still crawling the site and there are still results in Google Search Results. Is it normal that the data in GWT doesn't match with Data in Search Results?
  13. Seeing the same thing from my end.. One site that was hit by penguin 2 is now back in the first page (currently at #3 spot for its main keyword) also 6 other keywords are on the first page. One client site was hit, suffered -20 up to -40 drop on all keywords.
  14. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-penguin-3-next-week-19244.html
  15. Deindexing of PBN's

    We have a more 200 blogs in our PBN, only 2 got deindexed, the first one happened last June and the last one was deindexed Sept. 19. Both tagged as "Pure Spam" We are not using spun content on any of our PBN. all contents are written by our own writers, the only common thing our PBN have are the rehashed news contents. These contents are used as filler, no links, 250-300 words max.. content with links are 500-700 words, number of links varied for every post. Do you think the deindexation was a cause of a manual review or is it algorithmic.? BTW, we only installed GWT after the site got deindexed.