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  1. Social Media Tools that are Free

    Hoot Suite for posting, Buffer for scheduling, FBLiker to get shares and social media signal checker to see how I'm doing on each network and shifting my focus on the social networks that work best. Different content does differently on social channels and its important to see which channels are working so that you can optimize and use those kind of posts more often.
  2. Social Media Signal Checker

    It should be pretty exact to what the social channels report, the only exception is Google+ which doesn't have an API so its an approximation based on the number of +1s reported on the post. So in summary, it's a pretty good estimate and its should be pretty quick to generate reports with a recent update.
  3. Social Media Signal Checker

    Hi SilentSEO - what URL did you try (PM me if you don't want to say out loud). Are you sure you included http:// in the URL? It's working for me even on traffic planet!
  4. Wasn't it the anti-pirate update to fight copyright infringement? I'm pretty sure it was an addon to the 2014 update.
  5. Social Media Signal Checker

    This is a neat free online tool that will check major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit to see how many real social media shares you received. It gives you graph of the volume and youc an then use this o decide where you concentrate your social media sharing on. Social Media Shares Signal Checker Results for reddit.com
  6. Introducing free PHP web hosting for small businesses and anyone serious about starting a new blog/website. Offering free PHP web hosting with: 10GB of space to store your site and files 100GB of bandwidth Ad-free (over 5 years of being ad-free) Cron - automate your scripts for free, run scripts or commands htaccess - so you can have SEO friendly URLs Sendmail and mail enabled Use your own domain, parked domains/addon domains, subdomains on your domain - or use our super short subdomain Great uptime and availability Constant monitoring of accounts on our hosting to remove spam, abuse and other bad neighborhood type sites I know free hosting isn't for everyone, but this is being offered to anyone who doesn't have the money or is just getting started with their business or digital presence. Sign up at P4O.net Hosting
  7. No problem, glad it could be of use! We also accept articles, but that will be coming soon - e.g., the benefits of online advertising.
  8. Kindle Publishing - Yes It Works!

    How many pages do you recommend? Wondering if I have to write like a 20+ page if it's instructional?
  9. Depends on whether they're using the same script or not, if they are all using the same script - then it can be automated easily. IOr if they have an API then that can be used to post to them, otherwise building a software to automate them will be difficult or very hit or miss with a high failure rate.
  10. Hi everyone, Just putting out my site there - a chance to get a free backlink in exchange for a link back. The directory is automatic and regularly moderated or monitored to prevent spam and bad link neighborhoods. Submit your site @ Advertise Space If you have any recommendations, suggestions or thoughts - let me know!
  11. Get your website indexed fast

    You have to becareful using these sites, it's using stat sites to build backlinks to your site. Problem is that many of these stat sites switch to nofollow and they scrape parts of your content like your meta descriptions and first few lines of copy on the page. Since they have high authorithy (everyone's linking to them to try to get their backlinks indexed), google is starting to rank these stat sites ahead of smaller sites: It creates urls that look like this http://somestatsite.tld/yoururl.com where yoururl is the web address to your site. So if someone searches your brand or URL, they're showing up for it.
  12. I think I've tried this and it brings up a lot of nofollow links, or sites where the comments are closed. I wouldn't recommend trying to automate finding backlinks.
  13. GSA is pretty good, but it uses footprints that I can see easily getting changed in the future. I honestly don' t think GSA has a long shelf life to be honest, compare to scrapebox which lets you put your own footprints (and the harvester/comment spammer for scrape box IMHO is getting near the end of it's usefulness due to spam saturation on the sites it's pulling from).
  14. Basecamp is pretty good, I've gotta learn how to use all the functionality in it and better use of milestones.