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  1. The thing is that Link Detox has now become a defacto tool for quality of historical backlinks, I know that results are skewed sometimes, But its the only tool we have.
  2. SEO Strategy with Tiers/Diversity

    Exactly I am always in favor of a owned private network, just gets you in more control and its truly private unless you are looking to sell links.
  3. the biggest tip to find jobs on any site is to have a nice portfolio and samples. I really had so much headache trying to hire a designer for infographics.
  4. SEO Strategy with Tiers/Diversity

    I like everything from the strategy except the PBN, really that's the shady part, because whats advertised as private is not all the times private.
  5. What does guaranteed mean to you?...

    99% of the times guarantees mean nothing other than plastering that image on the sales page to improve credibility.
  6. What have Google done now..

  7. Call me paranoid, but i would rather have a third party tracker doing the job, than tell Google my main money keywords.
  8. If you can handle all of their questions that will be a good option.
  9. Exactly it make Ann just more popular than ever now.
  10. How did you miss Link Detox and Ahrefs from the list?
  11. all of my clients like PDF files, where they can quickly check ranking data, that's everyone is looking for.
  12. damn and why do they want to that, spread some support on twitter #myblogguest
  13. Does the bookmarking still work?

    It still works great, but If you are looking to load up pligg lists and spam, then it won't work and surely you will get your sites penalized. It's all about the quality of the links now rather than the quantity now.
  14. Excellent post there Brian, but what is your view on the press releases after matt cutt's mention that the links from PR sites are discounted now?
  15. I would not direct 40K blog comments to doc page on Day 1 because that would look too suspicious to the site owner also. Instead of that what can be done is blasting 5K blog comments on a daily basis and I am sure that way the article will not be pulled down.