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  1. Aaron James Kocourek

    social sharing drip service

    I've stuck with sharety and addmefast. Microworkers is an odd choice for social shares and I wouldn't go that route.
  2. Aaron James Kocourek

    Ontolo,worth it?

    My opinion is that, it is well worth the money if you are doing targeted large scale link building.
  3. Looks interesting, CitizenBM, do the bulk of these articles get removed pretty quickly or is there a decent stickiness rate.
  4. Good list, you can also throw shareyt.com in there
  5. Aaron James Kocourek

    Facebook Pages no more going to be free?

    Just as an update, pricing is based on the reach you are seeking and the number of 'likes' on your page. I've done sponsored posts for $5 and for $1500
  6. Aaron James Kocourek

    Multiple FB accounts for multiple websites

    That is no longer true, you can have a page for every site you own and that is best practices. You can now create pages for websites.
  7. I agree with the first guy. I started a directory a few months ago and ended up buying a high end script, the free scripts are worthless and the cheap ones will result in you spending weeks fixing all the problems and errors. Invest a little money and save a serious headache.
  8. Aaron James Kocourek

    Writing Reviews

    That's because writing reviews won't help with SEO. If the review site allows for links then that would help with your link building though. The list on the site is inaccurate and outdated. Many of the sites linked to are blogs.
  9. Aaron James Kocourek

    Facebook opt-in List building tips

    It isn't quite that simple as if you build it right they will come, however if you have an active page and participate on other high traffic pages that is a combination that usually helps grow a page rapidly.
  10. Aaron James Kocourek

    Best Free Social Media Marketing Ebooks

    Read the books and then actually do it yourself, Facebook is constantly changing and there is nothing as good as actually doing the work instead of just reading about it.